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Channing Tatum has proved once again that underneath his staggeringly pretty face and perfectly chiseled body, there lies a tender heart of gold.

Seriously, if you needed any other reasons to convince yourself of Tatum's irrefutable awesomeness, check out this heartwarming act of kindness below. Fox's Comic-Con presentation has just finished, everyone's rather overexcited and celebrating center stage - but wait, where's Channing?

Rather than basking in the adoration of his loving fans, the humble young actor dashes to help 92-year-old living legend Stan Lee get down off the stage.

That's it, he's now officially the nicest guy in Hollywood. He's actually made his fellow actors look grossly narcissistic next to his selfless decency:

Good job Tatum, making us all look bad since 2010.


Stan Lee was actually a special guest at the panel, which culminated in the biggest superhero selfie ever taken, with Wolverine, the X-Men, Deadpool, Gambit, and the Fantastic Four all cramming into one star-packed lens. Check it out:

Considering none of this would've been possible without Stan Lee's wonderfully inventive mind, it's good to see Channing at least give the elderly legend a helping hand in return. Respect your elders, kids...especially if they created the most iconic comic book characters of all time!

[Source: Imgur]


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