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We at Moviepilot have a longstanding love of Zoë Kravitz. She rocks just as hard - if not harder - than her dad with her band Lolawolf, and she's certainly one of the world's young actors to watch out for.

However, it's not only a person's success stories that are admirable, but their low points and how they overcame them. Zoë Kravitz may be beautiful, comfortably off and artistically free, but it's been a long, hard road to achieve true happiness in her own skin.

During a candid interview with Complex, this talented young woman opened up about her battle with an eating disorder:

"I had a really hard time when I was 16, 17, 18. I started with the eating disorder in high school. I just [a hard time] loving myself."

Zoë frankly describes the frightful physical and psychological effects of this 'awful disease,' which flared up again when she bravely accepted the role of an anorexic for comic-drama The Road Within. She dropped to a 'scarily thin' 90lbs, disrupting her thyroid and immune system; she even lost her singing voice:

"It was fucked up, man. You could see my rib cage. I was just trying to lose more weight for the film but I couldn’t see: you’re there. Stop. It was scary.

I don’t think it was about the fame, but I think it was definitely about being around that world, seeing that world. I felt pressured."

With this in mind, it's even more powerful to see Zoë's fantastic performance as anorexia survivor Marie in The Road Within. Check out the trailer:

Her courage in facing her problems head-on may have exhausted her, but from her performance and her increased self-esteem now, it seems the grueling process was well worth it. Zoë Kravitz is now ready for anything:

"It made me not only confront my demons, but also realize and accept an insecurity that’s still there, and [that it’s] easy to fall back into that pattern. I feel like something has left my body, like some part of me is gone now, something that was making me so insecure. And it feels amazing."

So, what was it that propelled her from suffering to success, from eating disorder to empowerment? Well, it was a combination of great friends and inner strength. Kravitz credits her bandmates in Lolawolf for helping her through - "[they] kept me company, and kept me sane," - and describes the moment on New Year's Eve 2013 when she knew something had changed inside her:

"I just felt it was different. I don’t know...if a fucking spirit came over me and said: ‘You have to stop.'"
Zoe (middle) with Charlize Theron in Mad Max
Zoe (middle) with Charlize Theron in Mad Max

Whatever the struggles she's overcome, this powerful young actress is taking Hollywood by storm with a string of big, awesome movies: Insurgent, The Road Within, Mad Max and indie darling Dope have assured her place alongside other intelligent, talented young stars with a story to tell.

Good on you, Zoë. We'll keep watching and supporting you.

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