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It looks as if every villain and anti-hero is getting an origin story in FOX's pre-Batseries Gotham. Showrunner Bruno Heller recently revealed that the show's sophomore season will be getting an expanded rogue's gallery as Firefly, the Flamingo and Calendar Man are set to make their entrances.

But most excitingly will be the inclusion of Azrael into the Batprologue, the anti-hero that once picked up the mantle of Batman. Here's what Heller had to say about his latest DC drafts:

We thought so long and hard about this. There’s so many characters that don’t have an origin story, so it’s not just a question of going back to an origin story, but its who fits in this realistic world?
They have to have both feet on the ground. So they have to fit in stylistically. But we found the Mr. Freeze story be quite emotional.
That’s one we’re going to look at. Hugo Strange is another interesting character we’re going to look at, as is the Calendar Man. And Azrael is another character that we’re starting at very early stage for. Tigress as well.

Who Is Azrael?

If Gotham is going to follow Jean-Paul Valley's arc, Azrael is a computer science student in Gotham City, who takes up the mantel of Azrael after his father and predecessor passes.

For most of his life, Valley had been brainwashed and conditioned by "The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas," an enigmatic and dangerous religious society who were a splinter group of the Knight's Templar.

Batman and Azrael have worked together on numerous occasions, the first when the two vigilantes are attempting to discover the whereabouts of Valley's father's murderer. Batman is captured, and Azrael works together with Alfred to rescue him.

Later, in the Knightfall arc, Azrael briefly takes up the Batmantle after the Dark Knight is beaten and paralyzed by Bane.

The sheer scope of Gotham is one to tip a hat to, most definitely. Azrael is one of my favorite characters in DC Comics lore, so I really do hope they manage to portray him with the respect he deserves. Maybe he even convinces young Bruce Wayne to take the law into his own hands.

Who knows, we'll see soon enough when Gotham returns on September 21st.

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