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He stands in the woods, his dark leather boots standing firmly on the dry leaves. His broad, muscular shoulders move under his flannel as he lifts his ax repeatedly, splitting wood with so much power and prowess.

He lifts his hand, wiping beads of sweat from his face. The hints of red in his beard shine brightly in the sun.

Did I just tap into your Lumbersexual fantasies? Well you won't have to look any further. Bug Hall, the actor who played nerdy, cowlick-y Alfalfa in the 1994 remake of The Little Rascals, has turned into a fully bearded man who can make a house with his bare hands.

Oh, do you need some company in that cabin in the woods filled with dogs? Because I know more than a few people who would love to help you out with that.

Check out those baby blues! And I'm sure we are all digging that rugged beard. If we learned anything from watching Dexter's Laboratory, a good beard can be quite the showstopper.

As if we already didn't have enough celebrities "Longbottoming!"

And he's a musician? Don't tell me that.

Did he just call me beautiful? He was clearly looking at ME when he sang that! *swoon*

Whether you like the flannel donning, beard growing lumberjack look or not, you have to admit it: Bug Hall has got it going on.

[Source: Huffington Post]


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