ByClarissa Clary, writer at
...all of the times Dean and Sam saved the world I think God should repay them by giving their parents back .. and Ash how could you not mention anything about Ash (all business up front and party in the back) even Pam .. and Meg I want more Megstiel because I think Clarence needs his demongirl back :D .. Jo and Ellen deserve to return too after they gave away their lives to save the world from Lucifer and that bastard can rot in the pit for all I care and please pretty please someone save that poor thing cutie patootie Adam from the cage :'( please he deserves to be saved I hate how Sam and Dean didn't gave a shit about him like he is not their brother or something :(( and Gabriel from all of the archangels I loved him most he si so awesome please Gabe deserves more space screen its such an shame the writers forgot about him and Adam this way same to John :( and why not GOD .. I realy want God back as Chuck would be great and Death too .. Zachariah back you are joking right?! .. and also Charlie didn't deserve to die I hope they bring her back.

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