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Ian Somerhalder has never made a secret of the fact he wears his heart on his sleeve, but ever since he met his wife Nikki Reed, he can't stop gushing about just how much she has changed his life for the better.

In an adorable interview with International Bird Rescue in California, Somerhalder spoke about how a shared passion for conservation has made him and Nikki into a strong unit, saying:

The amount of compassion fueled by passion that she puts into the world in regards to animals is second to none. I mean she changes her house into a rescue and a foster home for so many animals and has taken so much time and energy and money of her own with her family, particularly her mom, to foster animals and make sure that they are safe. That in and of itself is really something that solidifies us as a unit that really is an amazing thing to wake up to every morning

Ian and Nikki on their wedding day
Ian and Nikki on their wedding day

Somerhalder, who was at the center to help wash pelicans affected by oil spills, also explained how charity work is a huge part of their planned future together, he explained:

My goal and Nikki’s goal in life is literally — my goal in particular — is to build four profit entities that will literally feed our necessary non-prof initiatives till the end of time. We definitely share that passion together in a very huge way

With shared interests like this, let's hope that Ian and Nikki prove the haters that think their marriage won't last wrong!

(Source: US Magazine)


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