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Police are on the hunt for an accused stalker who appears to be unhealthily obsessed with Rihanna. He had been using social media websites like Twitter to send threats, and now the cops are attempting to use those same accounts (under the names Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander) to track him down.

It's a bizarre and startling story that goes back to April 30, 2015, when this man Tweeted that he was outside Rihanna's personal home. Eagle-eyed friends and fans were quick to notice the frightening implications and reported his account.

The following day after stopping at her house, he Tweeted the following threatening message that was enough for the police to really start tracking him electronically:

Should of killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now. Sorcery is a weapon I use guns, bout to get a gun license, can’t use my hands.

But, by the time police arrived, he was nowhere to be found. His Twitter account was suspended after this message, but he quickly made another one and sent Tweets to Jay-Z and Chris Brown. The first seemed to contain a claim that he is not a stalker, but the second contained an image of a gun.

It's a particularly scary situation that police will hopefully handle soon. It must be the most unsettling feeling to view your own home as dangerous, so for Rihanna's sake, let's hope the terror ends.

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