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Kristin Lai

Even though 74-year-old Hayao Miyazaki has claimed to be retired in the past, the animation legend is still far from quitting the animation game completely. According to his son, Miyazaki plans on releasing a his first CGI film: a short set to be on display in the Ghibli Museum.

"Now, Hayao Miyazaki is trying to make a short with CG to screen at the Ghibli Museum."

The ten minute long film, which will take about three years to complete, will reportedly be about a caterpillar named Boro. So why come out of this half retirement stage? It's pretty simple, he just needs a hobby and he loves filmmaking! His son stated at a lecture in Tokyo:

"He gets bored when his goal is maintaining [the Ghibli Museum], so he needs things to fiddle around with."

I don't know about you, but I'm eager to see what Miyazaki will be able to achieve with CGI! He might be on the older side, but his love of creating new worlds for us to explore knows no bounds.

(Via: Cartoonbrew, Animenewsnetwork)


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