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The feisty Harley Quinn would be proud of this fan's lovely and creative makeup tribute!

If you are plotting who to be for Halloween this year already or just feel like practicing some makeup, then this tutorial is definitely for you! This easy to follow makeup and body painting tutorial is one that you can follow right from the comfort of your own cozy home. Your guide to transforming yourself into Harley is the stunning self-taught makeup artist, Lex a.k.a. MadeYewLook.

Use white body paint to draw three circles on your body, then loop them together like this:

After filling in the section using a foundation brush and body paint, outline the entire left section using red body paint. Then swap to the right side to add the black:

Keep filling in the sections and don't forget to fill in your neck, too! Grab some eyeshadow and begin shading over the top:

To define the shading even more, mix red and black body paint together. Add ripples to where the two fabrics would connect and define those muscles! Create shadows on the other side with white and blend, blend, blend:

Next, paint one ear red and the other black. Then, using white body paint and a foundation brush, cover your entire face but leave room for the mask. Then apply white body paint to the eyes and set with white eyeshadow:

Now it's time to create the mask. Lex uses her own brand MadeULook Night Owl Eyeliner to line her eyes, then she selects an angled brush and uses black body paint to start the outline for the mask. Do not worry if the mask is not perfect, at this stage it can be fixed:

The mask should now look something like this:

Use white body paint to create highlights on the mask and follow it with black to fill:

Add some white highlights on the bottom, fill in some grey eyeshadow under the mask to create a shadow on your face:

Mix red and black body paint for the lips and extend them to a point - this gives a nice Joker style touch. If you would prefer your lips to be shiny, add a red gloss over the top:

Harley Quinn is sure ready for her close-up! This look is absolutely jaw-dropping:

Paint along with Lex!:

Head over to Lex' wicked talented YouTube channel MadeYewLook to see a whole army of other inspiring videos. This talented artist has you covered for any occasion, especially Halloween and cosplay events!


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