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What would America look like if we had lost World War II? Creepy thought, huh? Well, Amazon recently unveiled their Comic-Con trailer for upcoming show The Man in The High Castle, which explores a world run by the Nazis and without the same freedom and liberty we've come to expect in this grand country.

The show is based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name and has the right people on board to hopefully make for a great show. The showrunner is Frank Spotnitz of The X-Files, which makes perfect sense since this is guaranteed to be dark and twist-filled. I might actually have to check this out, even though Amazon hasn't necessarily knocked anything out of the park, perhaps besides groundbreaking dramedy Transparent.

The source material, which is the book, gets pretty meta so we'll see where the show goes in duplicating that mind-bogglingness. Check out the trailer:

Looks pretty damn good. Executive Producer Ridley Scott doesn't mess these kinds of things up too often. And, of course the premise is something that will creep out all Americans... and I'm sure will capture an international audience as well. Cool to see what could've been. And hopefully we will come away from this feeling like we dodged a bullet.

(Via: AV Club)


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