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Once Upon a Time returns for its fifth season on September 27th, and the magic makers behind ABC's ever-changing show have already given us a tiny little preview.

The upcoming return to Storybrooke will feature a new princess, one that is probably pretty familiar to fans of Disney/Pixar films. In a short teaser video, Once Upon a Time invites us to meet this new, live-action version of Merida, the Scottish princess from 2012's Brave.

Check out Once's take on Merida, and see if she lives up to the headstrong, free-spirited archer that we know and love!

It must have been quite the task to replicate Merida's incredible head of red curls and tangles, but I think they did a pretty good job capturing the spirit of the character!

The actress bringing her to life, Amy Manson, is Scottish herself, so the quintessential accent should be there in full-force as well.

Not much is known about how Merida will factor into the overall plot (or any details on Queen Elinor), but hopefully some more scoop will make its way to the public over the remainder of the summer.


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