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You're arguing with a point that we agree on. Read it again and you'll see I said that very plainly. That's the entire reason why my argument was for a revamp where we follow someone else but Goku could continue to serve as a Kai or mentor of some sort, removed from the center but still around if we want him. Off adventuring around the afterlife or galaxy for great challenges, like he's been wanting to do since he died fighting Cell. On Dragon Ball Z: Good point, but the tonal shift that came with the "Z" portion of the series makes it a relevant designation for the purposes of my argument. You can argue the tonal shift came a little earlier with the King Piccolo Saga, but it really became what we know it as from the Saiyan arc and on. Plus, had the series ended where Goku turns down being God and continues adventuring, it would have been a complete, well-rounded series with it's own awesome character development, plot progression and conclusion. Goku defeats the devil and saves the entire world from utter annihilation. Perfect end.


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