ByMarko Mavrinac, writer at
...tle changes, more misinformation added etc etc. First, as Derrick said below, it's a cartoon, children are the best customers because when they see something they don't want it. They WANT IT! I've loved first two generations of Pokemon, the rest were simply put - shit. Naming Pokemon after garbage bags, two metal parts put together, "Mega" Evolutions, which is practically just a ripoff from older generations since they've obviously ran out of ideas, and so on, and so on... Second, and this is maybe a little stupid to point out, but Pikachu never wanted to evolve in the first place which made Ash decide not to evolve it. Nurse Joy and officer Jenny are also there for children's sake. Why remember name from every policeman and nurse in every town when they can all be named the same? You get to connect with characters, and when children connect to something, they buy it (read: they make their parents buy it), simple as that. So, my theory why Ash never ages? Because Nintendo wants to bathe in money. That's why. All these theories are cool, but we all know why people do stuff on this world. To earn unfortunately. In my opinion, if they really wanted to invest in some quality storytelling, they could have made a great 10 season cartoon with only first two generations, I mean Simpsons have tons of seasons, with around 15 constant characters, with a couple of guest characters coming every now and then. If I'm right, as I've stopped playing and watching the bullshit they call Pokemon nowadays, I think there's around 600+ Pokemon, + all the characters in the cartoon. The truth is, all these new generations are here to replace old ones to sell the franchise faster and better, not even to make the cartoon more interesting. Indeed, very sad. P.S. Wouldn't it be more interesting if they took a couple of years to really design some quality content, and then, when they announced a new generation, that would be the thing. In reality, every year or two, they spit out new 100+ ripoffs, no creativity at all.

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