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Netflix is facing tough competition from Amazon Prime, despite its offerings.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant, which has done wonders in the industry ever since its inception. The company has been the powerhouse of the streaming market that provides unlimited entertainment offerings of online movies and TV shows. It has expanded to more than 50 countries now and has nearly 62 million paid subscribers that are currently with the company on its ‘cord-cutting’ mission.

The company faces competition from various streaming companies, ranging from the domestic and international market, but it knows how to sustain its business and is still regarded as the uncrowned king of the streaming industry.

It is difficult dethrone Netflix and knock it off its perch easily. Domestically, many companies have come forward but failed to keep up with the pace and the offerings of the company. The online streaming service provider recently expanded in Australia where it faced imminent threat from the established local businesses, but no one could compete against the newly entered business in the Australian market. However as far as domestic market is concerned, Amazon seems to take a step ahead and struck Netflix.

Amazon Prime has now made it difficult for the American viewers to choose between Netflix and Amazon Prime. According to Consumer Reports, it is said that the viewers are confused in making a decision to choose between Prime Instant Video and the other streaming giant. Margot Gilman of Consumer Reports stated, “The comparisons are not always clear. Even when it comes to basic information, like how many movies there are to choose from.”

It is believed that Amazon Prime offers more to its viewers, nearly 17,000 TV shows and movies, when compared to the offerings of Netflix that are only 9,000 movies and TV shows. However, the latter remains ahead of the former, as out of those 9,000 movies and TV shows, 7,000 are available in high definition, whereas Amazon only offers 2,000 or less in high definition to its users.

Mr. Margot Gilman added, “Overall, if you're most interested in high-definition movies and TV, Netflix is the way to go. On the other hand, if you are okay with standard definition, but like the idea of a greater selection, not to mention all the free shipping, Amazon Prime probably your best bet.”

The two rivals are going neck-to-neck in the streaming industry, as it also has a few original content and programs along with its free music streaming service. Only the subscription fees of Netflix is $3 less than that of Amazon Prime for a full year.


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