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The hints were right! Elektra has officially been cast for Daredevil season 2, heralding the return of the "Greek girl" that Matt was dating in his college years. The scarlet clad ninja's role has yet to be determined, but it's likely she won't be fighting the good fight, initially at least. Elektra has always been a bit of a wild card, going from villain to vigilante to hero, and sometimes all the way back to her bad side ways. In a show that frequently blurs the lines between good and evil, Elektra is a perfect fit. And from what producer Jeph Loeb has said about her character, moral greyness is exactly what we can expect...

"Elodie Yung will play Elektra, a mysterious woman from Matt Murdock’s past whose dangerous and exotic ways may be more than he can handle..."

Dangerous? More than he can handle? Sounds like the two are going to be at odds. We can definitely expect a Daredevil v Elektra showdown at some point. Season 1 saw Matt mostly face off against Fisk's goons, so it will be fantastic to see him fight another costumed vigilante with all the acrobatics that will inevitably entail. And expect emotional baggage galore: Elektra and Daredevil clearly have history together, and from what Loeb has said, seeing his old flame is not going to be easy for Matt.

"The two will bring one of the most beloved and tumultuous comic book relationships to life with all the accompanying sparks and spectacular action sequences the show is known for.”

Will they eventually kiss and make up? Or could this Elektra lean to her more villainous urges? Easter eggs from season 1 might just give us a clue about how her story will play out!

Seeking vengeance

Remember this guy?

Mean faced ninja
Mean faced ninja

That would be Nobu, one of Kingpin's allies who inexplicably went all ninja on Matt for a grueling battle that left Nobu dead (burnt alive! Nasty) and Matt seriously injured. The fact that he chose to take on Daredevil is not so mysterious, but Nobu's methodology certainly is. We were never given an explanation as to why he went from straight laced, sombre-suited shady businessman to red-clad ninja. Red... clad... ninja... eh...? Sound familiar?

In the comics, Elektra has an on-off alliance with the nefarious ninja assassin agency The Hand. They always dress in red, they're known for using blade weapons like Elektra's twin sais and Nobu's shoge hook... The Daredevil writers just love to integrate subtle hints into season 1, either as comic book references or clues for season 2. This is too much of a coincidence to miss, and it provides Elektra with the perfect reason to enter the show: she comes to Hell's Kitchen to find out what happened to fellow Hand assassin Nobu, and ends up clashing with Matt.

yeah, we wouldn't want to cross her
yeah, we wouldn't want to cross her

Working with Kingpin?

So far, Netflix's Daredevil has mostly gone its own way, rather than sticking to comic plotlines. However, from their subtle nods to the comic canon we know that they are very aware of how the stories have played out before. Could we see Elektra side with Kingpin against Matt? She had an uneasy alliance with him in the comics, before turning good.

If in the show Elektra really is following Nobu's trail, she could either blame Matt for his death or Fisk... And if she decides Matt is at fault, we could well see Elektra become entangled in Fisk's web. However, with him in prison, this does muddy the water. I've talked before about how Vanessa may take up the reigns of Fisk's empire, becoming Kingpin herself. It would be awesome to see these two badass ladies team up, though Elektra will probably side with Matt in the end.

Elektra's history with Matt is unclear. They have been romantically entangled in the past, and if Netflix is going to follow the comic story, Elektra may also have trained with Matt under Stick's tutelage. However things play out, feelings will definitely be involved. Matt may find himself a vital ally in Elektra, but getting to this point will not be easy.

A worthy adversary.
A worthy adversary.

And if they rekindle their romance, how will Claire react? Season 1 saw Claire make the self preserving decision not to pursue her feelings for Matt, as his life was too dangerous. As Rosario Dawson is returning for season 2, I doubt we've heard the last of this. Elektra could be the perfect foil for Claire, dragging Matt deeper into his vigilante vendettas.

With Elektra coming back into his life, and The Punisher to deal with, season 2 won't be easy on Matt Murdock. Let's hope he can make it through in one piece!


Elektra: friend or foe?


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