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When Rupert Wyatt directed Rise of the Planet of the Apes it was first met with trepidation. It soon became a surprising hit world wide. Wyatt told the origin story of the franchise Planet of the Apes very well. It was a brave move due to the large following that Planet of the Apes has. The character of Ceaser is a heart warming one. His mother was taken from Africa and experimented on. She was injected by a drug ALZ-112. This enabled her to be smarter than the average ape. Ceasers mother (Bright Eyes) was killed and then Will Rodman the scientist working for Gen-Sys takes in Ceaser. After a while, Ceaser is put in a zoo for apes where apes are being mistreated. It is Ceasers plan to escape with Apes in tow. But during the time the virus ALZ-112 has gone airborn.

Ceaser on the Golden Gate bridge escaping to the Redwood forrest.

With Rise being the scifi introduction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the post apocalyptic world. Ceaser and the apes have established a colony. They live in peace until they meet humans for the first time in ten years. One of the humans Malcolm is for peace and coexistence. Ceaser and Malcolm eventually form a bond. However, Koba (apes second in command) jeapordises this because he hates humans. Dreyfus who equally hates apes has called the army. Koba who has started the war is the antagonist. Ceaser and Malcolm concede that war has come.

Ceaser, Koba and Maurice. With Malcolm the human trying to get power from the damn that is in ape territory.

So war is coming. With the title of War of the Planet of the Apes it is pretty self-explanatory. I for one am really excited by the third movie. Matt Reeves has promised us a indepth story with action. Here are six topics that we can expect (or hope) in War.

1. Ceasers rise as overall leader.

During the events of Dawn, Ceaser was being questioned by Koba. So much that he was betrayed by his friend. After Dawn Ceaser will undoubtedly be THE leader of the Apes. At a time when their existence is being threatened, the apes will need leadership of an intelligent kind. Ceaser (however with hesitation) will lead his apes into war as a cohesive unit.

2. Expect the humans to be the Antagonists.

In Dawn, Dreyfus was the leader of the humans. He blamed the apes for the death of his family.
Carver in Dawn. He was a human living in the colony. Carver hated the apes because he blamed them for killing most of the human race.

The humans are obviously going to war with the apes. We are assuming that most of the mindset of the humans are going to be simaler to Dreyfus and Carver. Matt Reeves stated that the humans drive is to eradicate the virus. They see and still blame the apes for what happened. In War you can guarantee that the humans will have hatred in their eyes when they battle the apes.

3. Koba survives.

At the end of Dawn we are all assuming that the noise at the end credits was Koba. This would be a welcome move for me. Koba did start the war. But his hatred towards humans is justified. Humans mistreated Koba so barbarically that you understand his hatred. This is in detail in the prequel book Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm.

This details the abuse that Koba suffered. It tells of the virus spreading and causing panic.

Say what you want about Koba. He is a fighter but not a leader. Koba would be someone that Ceaser would need in the war. Reeves has not confirmed or denied if Koba will return.

4. Further evolution of the Apes.

As we see from Rise to Dawn the apes have evolved. Their speech is getting clearer and their movement is slowly becoming human like. Communication between the apes in Dawn is of hand signals and slow speech. But there will be a time when the apes will be walking more upright like we see in the original Planet of the Apes.

The original Planet of the Apes. Standing upright.

The Apes' verbal communication will be just like a humans. Assuming that the timeline between Dawn and War the Apes younger generation will be speaking with fluency. With Apes being naturally stronger and quicker than humans. Their added intelligence will only add to their advantage. But we all know the outcome of this don't we...

5. Technology soon dies out.

The main story behind Dawn was power. Humans needed the dam to generate power for their colony. However, power is of no use to an Ape. It does give them an advantage. But for the humans it's imperative. Going to the original Apes story, the world that Charlton Heston saw had no power at all. With the apes being smarter than humans we can assume either...that power is no longer available or the apes clearly do not need it.

6. The war will be bloody.

Both apes and humans will have heavy losses

War of the Planet of the Apes will live up to its title. Reeves will tell a story of emotion and regret. But also a war with tragedy and senseless loss on both sides. War is actually a movie that in essence should not have happened. But with characters like Koba and Dreyfus it was inevitable.


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