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This past Monday, I was blessed again by Moviepilot with going to witness Ant-Man in IMAX 3D, days earlier than most people. So, I sat down in my seat, had my Sour Patch Kids and popcorn in hand and was expecting a GOOD movie. Just a solid good movie. But, what I got wasn't a GOOD was an AWESOME movie!

All the movie predictions of this being Marvel's first flop, aren't looking so good anymore because this film will satisfy both Marvel fans and moviegoers alike. Now, of course, if you're not pumped for Ant-Man and have your doubts, you should probably be given some details on why it was so awesome. Which I don't blame you, I myself was skeptical on Ant-Man at one point, but now I can assure you, those doubts will be put to rest.

Number 5: The Villain


One of the other things I thought about when I sat down in the theatre was, "Ant-Man will probably have another forgettable villain like most Marvel movies, sadly." And at the end of the film, I found myself a fan of Yellowjacket! On the day I was writing this, I went out and bought the Pop! figure of him.

But, what made Yellowjacket so great was not only was he played by the awesome Corey Stoll, but his character of Darren Cross, actually had some depth and character. Showing a mixture between psychotic and tragic hero, Yellowjacket proved to be an interesting and more complex than expected villain.

The fight scenes including Yellowjacket were insane as well. Seeing his beautiful suit fly around and blow stuff up was making me stuff my face with popcorn and making everyone in the theater squeal! And I think Yellowjacket will make you squeal too!

Number 4: Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs

Hint, Hint
Hint, Hint

Don't worry, don't worry. I'm still going to keep this spoiler free as possible. But, the Easter eggs were jumping all over the place in this film. I'm not going to go too in depth on this subject, I'll just be giving you a small list of things to look out for.

  • Ant-Man's comic
  • Age of Ultron
  • Agent Carter
  • A brand new hero
  • A returning hero

Just the tip of the iceberg...

But the bottom of the iceberg...

Number 3: Were on the Road to Civil War


This movie did set up Civil War quite a bit. It showed people expressing outrage for what happened in Age of Ultron, revealed what side Ant-Man was going to be on, one of the catalyst for the war, other characters going to appear in the film, etc.

Again, sadly not going to go to in depth into it due to spoilers. But, if you're pumped for Civil War next year, then you won't be disappointed with Ant-Man at all. Just be sure to stay after all the credits to get the Civil War dessert!

Number 2: Mind Boggling Visual Effects

Take flight my brothers!!
Take flight my brothers!!

Not once have I been to the movies and was blown away by visual effects. But, Ant-Man did just that.

Where do I start? Ant-Man's shrinking animation. Seeing other objects shrink and grow. The ending fight scene. Ant-Man's army of ants. And the list goes on and on. This film literally made me smile within the first five minutes due to the wonderful visual effects.

There is also a flashback in the beginning of the movie that includes a young looking Micheal Douglas. Yes that's right. Young Micheal Douglas. And it blew my mind instantly! It's a real good sign that in the first five minutes of the movie, that you're smiling and your mind is already blown.

Number 1: Comedy is Gold


Marvel comes up with good comedy in all their movies. Everyone knows that as a fact. And Ant-Man is absolutely no different.

Paul Rudd brought some of his Brian Fantana comedy to the film, which was fantastic. Between making cracks at the name and character of Ant-Man to showing his fanboy side to the Avengers, Paul Rudd defiantly brought his comedy charm.

Other characters like Hank Pym, got some memorable quips included, but the shiny comedy gold of the film: Michael Peña. Michael really brought the laughs with his fast talking, childish, and story telling abilities that really made Ant-Man that much better.

The Overall ANTics

Oh the ant puns!
Oh the ant puns!

Go see this movie.

Whether you're a hardcore Marvel fan, regular moviegoer, or hate everything, you need to go see this movie. This movie is just for everyone. But, if you're still not convinced on seeing Ant-Man...just trust me. This movie is really awesome and will probably be one of the most fun experiences you have at the movies.

Check out Ant-Man in theaters now!

A huge thank you to Moviepilot again for giving me this awesome opportunity! I really enjoyed myself and had the night of my life all thanks to Moviepilot. Would you like to achieve opportunities like this? Well, just...


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