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Wow, what a way to start off an article right? I debated whether or not I should write this or not but ultimately decided against my better judgement and am now writing an article that I'm sure is going to be flooded with fan boys who have strong opinions on the subject matter of Deadpool.

Well, let's kick this off right from the start!

I Wanted to Be Excited for 'Deadpool'

I was totally on board with the Deadpool movie when it was announced, and I thought that Ryan Reynolds was the perfect actor to play the part. When they showed off the test footage for the film that they used to pitch the movie in the first place, I loved it, it was dark, action-packed, and funny all at once.

I've been following the developments of this movie since before it started filming and have been loving every bit of info that has come out of this, for the most part (I hated that T.J. Miller was in this).

But the suit looked fantastic and really showed that there was a love and passion for this character in his design.

Plus, they did a great job of campaigning him to the fans with his little bit with Mario Lopez.

Marketing is really giving this movie a lot of buzz because they're doing it right by really showing how self-aware Deadpool is. I've been loving the little pictures that have been coming out of this film, especially as they have been coinciding with different times of the year like Mother's Day...

Was hoping for an alternate Father's Day too
Was hoping for an alternate Father's Day too

...or Comic Con...


...or just random ones just because!

I love that he's reading his own comic
I love that he's reading his own comic

All of this was brilliant marketing getting the face of Deadpool out to people to become even more familiar with him than they already are.

So What Was Disappointing?

Great shot
Great shot

What was disappointing to me was that the trailer was just unimpressive. It didn't deliver on the biggest thing that I thought it should deliver on: humor. We already knew the action was going to be great, we saw that from the test footage that was released. The humor, I thought, was going to be gut-busting just from how well they were marketing the character in pictures and videos with celebrities. But it just wasn't funny.

I know a lot of people are talking about how amazing it looks, but I feel like I should be the one guy who stands up and actually voices my opinion against the film and I feel like I have a right since I invested a lot of excitement and high expectations for this film.

I truly think that the biggest problem stems from their striving to make this a "hard-R" film.

Do I think that Deadpool should be a family-friendly movie? No, he's obviously very violent and we know that his character can often be crude and rude. But there is a certain way of doing things that can become too much.

It felt like they were trying too hard in every aspect. The way Deadpool reacts to Negasonic Teenage Warhead for the first time was just way over the top.

"Deadpool is supposed to be over the top!" ~Fanboy

Yes, that's true, Deadpool is an over-exaggeration of his own character, but you can still be clever. This movie seems to be too heavily focused on the content that they can put in the film. Ryan Reynolds even voices this through his tweet shortly after the "R" rating was announced.

So, I shouldn't be surprised by the trailer, I just thought that they might have put more effort into making it funny beyond relying on the over-use of language, plus the sexuality/nudity in the film is always a turn off for me, but those are based on my own convictions. But like I said, I knew the language was going to be abundant, I expected it honestly, but when that's your main source of trying to draw laughs, it becomes annoying and not in a funny Deadpool-kind-of-way.

There were funny parts in the trailer, mostly in the beginning where Wade tells the people operating on him not to make his superhero suit green or animated. That was clever, that was truly funny writing poking fun at Ryan Reynolds himself.

I also loved the "you're just going to leave me here with less angry Rosie O'Donnell!?". Those are the kinds of jokes I like, everything else after that just fell short. The scene at the end where an unmasked Wade Wilson is talking with T. J. Miller's character and they discuss the grotesque features of his face:

Ryan: "I look a testicle with teeth."
T. J. : "You look like an avocado that had sex with older avocado."

That's not funny to me, sorry, it's just not my humor. Plus, I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Deadpool breaking the fourth wall than what I did. Some stuff seemed to be a little bit self-aware, but I'd have like to see them do that even more. Something along the lines of shooting someone and blood splattering on the camera and him "apologizing" and wiping it off, that's just an example of the sort of stuff I'd like to see.

What I Think Could Have Made It Better

I think that the writing of this film (judging by the trailer) is just terrible and I think that they needed someone who can get in this film who has experience pushing the limits without losing their creativity and resorting to childish methods of humor. The perfect choice for this would have been Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright wrote and directed movies like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End. I think if you look at those movies, you can see how clever the humor was, it was quick quipping that never stops being funny. It was intelligent writing despite the surface of the films giving off the appearance of stupidity, it's always very intelligent in its delivery.

I think Hot Fuzz would be the perfect way to base Deadpool off of, considering the amazing action that movie had at the end with the shoot out. All you'd have to do is add the superhero element in a more contemporary environment with the already funny Ryan Reynolds. But nope, we didn't get that. We've got the same kind of humor that 13-year-old boys use to impress their friends.

I Do Like Deadpool

Deadpool after gutting out a dinosaur
Deadpool after gutting out a dinosaur

I struggled with my thoughts after seeing this.

Me: "Am I truly a Deadpool fan? Does not liking this trailer and losing all of my interest in seeing this film mean that I'm really NOT a Deadpool fan?"

But I came to the conclusion that I still love the character of Deadpool. I've read a lot of Deadpool comics and my favorites were the ones written by Gerry Duggan. They were hilariously clever and I often found myself literally laughing out loud. There was not an abundance of language, there was little-to-no sexuality in the comics and the action was great and the story was compelling.


Deadpool is the kind of character that you either love or hate. At the same time, it is a matter that is truly decided by who's involved in the creative processes behind his stories. I loved Deadpool written by Gerry Duggan as I said, but I hated the writing behind Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

I guess this film is no different than how I feel about certain comic books. It will be one of those movies that I just know that I'm not going to like. At the same time, I like Ryan Reynolds, and still think his casting was a good choice, especially if he ends up joining 'X-Force' in the future. Maybe I'll like him more there.

I'll still probably give this movie a watch, whether it's to solidify how I already feel about the film based on its trailer or to be proven wrong, I'm not sure. Only time (and the movie itself), will tell. I do like Deadpool as a character it may not be completely fair to form a complete judgement on the film based on the one trailer, but as far as the SDCC'15 trailer for 2016's Deadpool is concerned:

Be sure to share your comments in the section below! Keep them respectful as this is all merely my own opinion and I'm well aware that I might be a part of a minority concerning Deadpool.


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