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So how's Dragon Ball Super working out for all you Dragon Ball Z fans? The show is taking a slow approach, which is likely a good idea since any semblance of Dragon Ball has been off air for over eighteen years now. Still, we get a better sense of what's to come in episode 2, so let's get recapping! But first, what happened last time?

Last week on Dragon Ball Super

The show spent most of last week establishing the world as normal before whatever conflict in this series makes itself present. Goku is happily working as a radish farmer once again, Goten and Trunks are getting up to their fun childlike hijinks, and we're only given a brief glimpse of the series primary villain, Lord Beerus. He's clearly being elaborated on more than in [Dragon Ball z: Battle of gods](tag:784626), what with accepting food donations from entire civilizations, and if he likes the taste, only destroying half of their planet. Yo, Lord Beerrus! That's not how planets work!

Goku's training

In case you missed my last recap, you can find it right here! After being rewarded an obscene amount of money by Mr Satan at the end of the last episode, Goku travels across the galaxy to train with King Kai once more. It's a little confusing as to what Goku seeks to achieve in pursuing more training. He's already an absurdly powerful being, though perhaps this plot point is to put him somewhere other than Earth when stuff starts going down later on in the series!

Vegeta's vacation

Octopuses are no match for him!
Octopuses are no match for him!

So we're finally seeing where Vegeta is at in this new series, and while Goku is across the galaxy training, Vegeta is... on vacation. That isn't to say he's not making his leisure time as badass as possible. Seeing him sternly stand atop his airship while Bulma attempts to maneuver him off balance was a great introduction. He's not phased of course, aside from a rather hilarious octopus stuck to his face.

Vegeta still isn't winning any "worlds best dad" awards, what with taking trunks on a resort vacation as a reward for being able to hit him once. Family life doesn't seem to suit Vegeta here, as he's still obsessing over how Goku is more powerful than he is, so much that he can't focus on his vacation entertainment! He soon heads back to training, and I can tell we're building up to Vegeta and Goku to clash in some way again soon!

Lord Beerus' dream

Just hanging out!
Just hanging out!

So Lord Beerus is shaping up to be the main source of mystery in Dragon Ball Super. He's so far still a pretty straight forward character, with he and his attendant Whis surveying the universe for new things to eat. Having your villain wipe out an entire race of cool multi-eyed caveman aliens is a great way to built audience animosity. I was genuinely saddened when Beerus destroyed a planet simply because he'd lost his appetite.

What's real interesting about Beerus so far is the dream that's been plaguing him. It's cool to see a cosmic villain like him get bothered by curiously Saiyan-shaped visions. He's unable to recall exactly who is in the visions, though I'd put money on it simply being a premonition of Goku. Dragon Ball Super is clearly building up to something, though if it's anything other than the heroes simply facing off against the villains, I'd be surprised.

Watch this space for more recaps of Dragon Ball Super!


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