ByHunter Stacy, writer at

Have you ever wondered about the actual number gamers? Try 1.2 billion gamers play games. Add that to the 17.3 million fans of 'The Walking Dead', just think of the possibilities! If 'The Walking Dead' had their own cinematic universe, there would be story's about, Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and everyone else before the apocalypse. Personally in my opinion there needs to be a walking dead game that features multiple characters from the show instead of just having Daryl. 'The Walking Dead' season five premiere was the number one most watched show on television of ALL TIME! We, Walking Dead fans would love to see 'The Walking Dead' cinematic universe because it would give fans more insight about the characters and let them have fun surviving online with friends, etc. I hope you take this into consideration as it's coming from me and the rest of the 17.3 million fanboys and fan girls of 'The Walking Dead'


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