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While the original Mortal Kombat movie was enjoyable for being a loose adaptation, I feel as though we definitely need a change in the future.

With the sequel to the first MK movie being a total mess, it put the final nail in the coffin for that particular universe.

So the only course of action that I can see in order to fix such a mess, is to create a brand new Cinematic Universe, and have it done right. Rather than making a universe loosely based on its source material, it would either stay true to it or EXPAND upon the vague elements that weren't previously exploited otherwise.

To put it simply, I have a way for a new Cinematic Universe to be a thing: An Origins-based Cinematic Universe to expand on the stories of characters we only know so much about (Thank MK Legacy for the inspiration), and that would only be the beginning, no pun intended. The three-movie lineup to set up the new universe would potentially look like this:

1. MK Origins: The One Being

For those who have played MK Deception to death and know everything they could about its story (Including each character's ending along with the unseen ending of Onaga), you will know that there is one character that has never been playable in any MK game, or only has had the potential to appear as a Final Boss at least once. And that is the One Being.

What we know so far is that in the beginning of time there was only the One Being and the Elder Gods. According to ancient legend, the One Being fed off the essences of all the Elder Gods (Potentially giving him the powers of all of them). But at one point, the Elder Gods defeated him, separating his consciousness into six artifacts known as Kamidogu in an attempt to weaken his near-infinite power (There are known to be seven in the second timeline explained in the MKX comic series, being daggers that tasted the One Being's essence, therefore remaining alive in each of them).

Pretty much, this movie would expand on what happened in said legend, telling events that were never truly known by anyone except the Elder Gods themselves. The first half of the movie would focus around the beginning of time and the Elder Gods' battle with the One Being along with his eventual defeat. The second half would focus on the creation of the realms and Kamidogu along with the first few days of the lives of each realm, ending off with the One Being's disembodied consciousness scheming to become whole once again.

2. MK Origins: Raiden

This would be more difficult, but still possible. Surprisingly, the origins of Raiden much less in terms of events that transpired than that of the One Being, which is saying something. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to go off of.

The movie would take place an undisclosed amount of time after the creation of the realms, though Earthrealm would still be fairly young at the time. Raiden would have already been its protector for an unknown amount of time already. As such, through his perspective, we would see his fight with Shinnok when he first betrayed his fellow Elder Gods, along with his defeat and banishment to the Netherrealm, along with sealing away the Sacred Amulet in a secret temple guarded by other lesser elemental gods, including Fujin the God of Wind.

Now, I would also include a retelling of the events of MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, and I'm sure if anyone would actually do this, they would find a way to implement it and still keep it relevant, but Raiden was not the focus of that game, so it would only be mentioned as something that had happened. I would have also included Raiden's destruction of the Houan (Which would eventually lead to Zombie Liu Kang centuries later), but that's just up in the air in terms of importance to Raiden's origins.

There would also be an instance where Raiden requested to the Elder Gods to create the Mortal Kombat tournament and give Earthrealm a chance to defend itself against Shao Kahn's impending invasion..

And of course, it would end with Shang Tsung's invitation to the Mortal Kombat tournament, in which he would take on a human form to compete (Unlike the original movie where Raiden was a mentor off the bat and wasn't allowed to participate in any length during the tournament besides giving advice to the main characters).

3. MK Origins: Shao Kahn

Of course, if we have to talk about the origins of Raiden, we have to talk about the one who has opposed him time and time again. I would have done Shinnok, but there's not really enough incentive to give him his own origin story, sadly.

Unlike Raiden, however, there is a lot more to Kahn to exploit so there's not as much difficulty explaining his origins.

Of course, the movie would begin by having Kahn be the protector of Outworld by the Elder Gods' request. It would then lead to Kahn being Onaga's advisor for some time, him realizing that Outworld didn't need protecting. And soon, this would lead to him poisoning Onaga and taking Outworld for himself to rule. We would also see small instances of all the lesser realms Kahn would take for himself, whether it be through conquest or through Mortal Kombat, including the events that lead to the merging with Edenia.

There's also a chance to include filler moments that would work in Kahn's story, in theory, and would add more to his character as well.

We would also see major events of the nine Mortal Kombat tournament victories against Earthrealm before the first game, including the death of the Great Kung Lao by the hands of Goro and filler highlights of the 500-year winning streak of Outworld. The movie would then end in preparation of the tenth tournament that would eventually lead to the events of the first game and onward.

And that's about it. I honestly thought it would be better to have movies that explained and expanded upon the already established universe in the games from the beginning to when just before the games began. Besides, who wouldn't want to see what actually happened during these points in time?

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Hope you guys enjoy. And if you have other ideas for additions to this Cinematic Universe, let me know. I'd love to hear your ideas as to how to expand the Mortal Kombat universe as a whole. Whether it be more Origins stories for certain characters that never got the chance to shine, a potential story arc that would tie up any large loose ends in the series, or just a means to fill in the unused time intervals that have so much potential to be used for.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and let's keep the conversation going if possible. But until then, this Mr. Couver, signing out! ;)


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