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Fans in attendance for Fox’s Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 were left elated as Hugh Jackman seemed to tease that his final performance as The Wolverine will be based off Mark Millers popular story-arc "Old Man Logan". Jackman upon taking the stage seemed to utter the following statement:

“I’ve got three words for you guys: Old Man Logan.”

What no one at the auditorium seemed to realize was that he had infact said "Old Man Rogen". The actor then added:

“Take from that what you will.”

When quizzed after the event as to why he was leaving the iconic role prematurely Jackman simply cited extreme exhaustion and severe back pain from carrying the entire X-Men Series for the past 15 years. Shortly after Jackman's departure the newly cast Seth Rogen took to the stage to a crowd of about 8 people, most of whom had wandered in accidentally looking for the bathroom. When fans finally realized that the chubby comedian had landed the role in Wolverines final outing , Fanboys took to the forums in an unprecedented turn to actually defend Fox's recasting. One Twitter user named franxhickz97 commented :

"Hugh Jackman should have never been casted in the first place , He was too tall and Australian to be Wolverine "

This sentiment was for the most part unanimous in the online community as liljayjay92 said :

"Delighted that Seth Rogen has landed the part of Wolverine , he is an inspiration to short , fat , hairy men such as my self and will truly embody the spirit of the comics

When asked for comment on fans initial confusion at the announcement of his involvement and the resounding support he has garnered online Rogen simply gave his trademark Beavis and Butthead laugh before stepping into a smoke filled limousine with long time friend and collaborative partner James Franco who is rumored to have already landed a part along side Rogen.

With the issue of Wolverine settled many fans are still worried as to how Fox will properly adapt the story with so many crucial characters belonging to Disney but director James Mangold seems to have come up with a cunning ploy to work around this issue by introducing totally original characters such as Tony Hawkeye, The Improbable Sulk and the Blue Femur Bone set to be played by James Franco, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson respectively.


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