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Despite being such a proudly progressive, incredibly ambitious show that has more artistic intent poured into one episode than some shows have in an entire season, Sense8 just hasn't made it into the ranks of shows that capture the public imagination and just force people to discuss it and come back for more! As great as the show is, it still requires you to discover it. Think about it this way. If you wanna talk about Game of Thrones to someone around the water cooler, it's up to them to be caught up. You wanna talk about Sense8? Suddenly the onus is on you to introduce someone to something you kinda like!

Unfortunately, it's these kinds of shows; the ones that truly connect with their audiences, but don't necessarily force themselves upon a public consciousness, that get cut off early. Now Sense8 is far from being cancellation bait, but there's still that lingering worry that we won't get to see Season 2. As much you may love the show, we don't live in a just world, so here are a few reasons why Sense8 not only can carry on into the future, but should!

Sense8 is genuinely diverse!

These two spring to mind!
These two spring to mind!

It may seem a little redundant stating that Sense8 is one of the most diverse shows to grace our screens in recent memory. It practically lives and dies based on the sheer range of cultures, creeds, ethnicities, genders and sexualities it's able to present with the utmost sincerity. It is however important to tout Sense8 not as a one off example of real diversity. Tokenism simply doesn't exist in the world of Sense8, so why treat the show itself as such? Sense8 isn't just a case of throwing in the odd LGBT character or person of color to appease demographics; it's a genuine example of how easy it is to include all facets of humanity in a broad and epic story!

It's the experimental side of Netflix

We're coming to a time where you see the "A Netflix Original Series" title card, and you know you're in for something adventurous. What's special about Sense8 is that it could be Netflix's most adventurous foray yet! House of Cards was straight up created by an algorithm, Orange Is the New Black is unconventional, but still based on a noteworthy book. But Sense8? The closest comparison I can make to Sense8 would be Cloud Atlas, which did itself performed poorly at the box office! Giving Sense8 a home is clearly Netflix exhibiting an open mind, and giving the go-ahead for a second season would double that effect!

The show has this shot. So shut up!
The show has this shot. So shut up!

Sense8 lets the Wachowskis express themselves!

I know it sounds odd, but I will stand by the Wachowskis at every turn. With Sense8, I'm glad that we're finally seeing an end to them being dogged for not topping the Matrix, and a (comparatively lower profile) TV show is the perfect place for them to stick around and keep on expressing themselves. No longer are they under the pressure of knocking it out the park with movies that each have years of build up. The Wachowskis have always sported a bizarre and eager style, and Sense8 is a great way to carve out an audience for it!

It does global drama better than any other show!

There was a short period after the end of Lost, where every show wanted to exhibit some world changing event that affected characters all over the world. This arms race of huge stories culminated in us getting a TV show that was literally called The Event! Woah don't give away too much with that title, guys! The best we got out of this trend was arguably Heroes, but even that has become an exercise in bombast, desperate for the audience to care. Just look at the Comic-Con trailer for [Heroes: Reborn](tag:926825).

Now what does Sense8 do differently to all these others? Well, Sense8 genuinely feels like it hinges upon multiple perspectives across the planet, rather than just having multiple nations involved for the sake of spicing up the settings. There is a global consciousness going on in Sense8 that the likes of Heroes was never able to capture. It may be expensive, and seem a huge undertaking, but going ahead with Sense8 Season 2 will allow one of the most humanistic TV shows ever to carry on!


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