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The final trailer for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot has hit the web and shows the team of heroes using their powers to take down their nemesis Doctor Doom.

From a young age Reed Richards showed signs of great intelligence, in his youth he created a teleportation device that the government are now using to crack inter-dimensional travel. When Reed, Ben, Sue, Johnny and Victor go to this other dimension, all are forever changed. Each return with unique abilities and it's up to them whether they use them for good or for evil.

I have always been very excited about the new Fantastic Four film and that's because of the incredible cast. Miles Teller (Whiplash), Kate Mara (House Of Cards), Michael B Jordan (Creed) and Jamie Bell (Snowpiercer) play the lead characters and that's a fantastic ensemble.

The last couple of trailers have really impressed me and I've been very excited for what this new take has in store for us. But this final trailer left me feeling a bit anxious. The film wrapped post production just a couple of days ago and it looks as though all the visual effects shots are now in place and they don't look all that good. The Negative Zone (other dimension) as it's called in the comics looks pretty terrible here, it's so obvious that these actors are in front of a green screen. The effects of the four's powers look silly and it looks as though Fantastic Four may be just another conventional superhero film, something which I didn't want this film to be. So from this trailer, my excitement for the film has slightly dwindled, but the impressive cast still has me intrigued.

The first trailer for the film was very subtle, very subdued and compared to this final look at the film, it looked a completely different movie. This trailer is explosive, very CG heavy and looks boringly conventional.

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