ByVanywii Sachi, writer at through both of the seasons. You misunderstood many things, seriously. Clarke's character never have been presented as a god, or a perfect character. In this show, most of the characters do horrible things, so there is a struggle to find solutions in desesperate situations, where we can't actually find a right one. A clear example for 1.04 : Clarke willing to find her friend's killer is a legitimate thing, but she was indeed wrong in the way to proceed with that; but you forget that she never wanted the culprit to be killed; Bellamy was coward back then when he agreed to let Murphy be hang, just like the crowd said. Bellamy willing to ignore Wells's murder was wrong too. You really think you can stay fine where there is a murderer in the camp? Murphy had obviously a grudge about all that (and against Bellamy at the end of season1), and yet he wanted to hang Charlotte just because he almost died. All of them were wrong, but that mess started to help them build something. About Finn, after she learned about Raven, she decided to stop everything, and still Finn was the one who still get to chase both girls, then Clarke. On the contrary, Raven was struggling because of her love for Finn, but she did broke up with him. But that because of Raven's strenght. She was definetly not an obsessive one. You're the only one to think that way. Kane was the first one to meet Lexa, but Clarke was the one to know how to make an alliance with the Grounders, by offering them something in return, so yes it's normal she get the credit for that. After she witnessed Finn slaughtering unarmed villagers, she clearly was not willing to forgive that, but she was struggling to find another way to resolve the situation, and so does Bellamy and the others !! You put everything on Clarke but you forget that Bellamy, Raven, Murphy wanted to spare Finn too !! She is the one to did the mercy kill instead of letting him get tortured. You're just blind by you hatred for this character, so you need to rewatch the whole show with a more objective perspective or else you'll keep missing EVREYTHING !!

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