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After a finale that seemed too good to be true, The Legend of Korra creators Bryan Koneitzko and Michael Dante DiMartino revealed at SDCC that we would be getting more of the butt kicking heroine in comic book form! The comic will be published by Dark Horse, who also published the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic series. And there's more fantastic news...

"We're definitely going to focus on Korra and Asami's relationship."

The creators were quick to lock down the nature of Korra and Asami's relationship, after a final episode was ambiguous enough to appease Nickelodeon. On his Tumblr, Koneitzko wrote an expansive post explaining just how their symbolism worked, and that "Korra and Asami fell in love." (Oh, and he drew fanart too, entitled "Date Night".) Cue the internet exploding. After years of dissecting subtext, counting emotional glances, tender embraces, and shy blushes, it turned out the shippers were right all along! And with the young couple walking arm-in-arm out of the Spirit World, it looks like we're going to be treated to a lot more than subtext in this new comic.

The pose that mirrored a wedding ceremony
The pose that mirrored a wedding ceremony

Just the two of us...

For some fans, the revelation that Korra and Asami had romantic feelings for each other was a bit of a shock. The two started out as adversaries, competing for Mako's attention in a messy love triangle that came to an unhappy end. But Koneitzko and DiMartino were quick to heal the relationship between the two girls, and in season 2 they started to become friends, although they didn't spend a lot of time together. Season 3 saw Korra and Asami become a lot closer, and in the last few episodes it was Asami's support that really saw Korra through one of her greatest challenges.

Season 4 took their relationship to another level, revealing that despite Korra's absence there were no hard feelings. And would you look at Korra's cute blush when they finally meet again?

Remember how Aang used to blush about Katara?
Remember how Aang used to blush about Katara?

Korra and Asami's relationship had a clear development, but it was definitely subtle. While it's possible just to see the two as close friends, Bryan Koneitzko dispelled any doubt in his post about their relationship...

"I love how their relationship arc took its time, through kindness and caring. If it seems out of the blue to you, I think a second viewing of the last two seasons would show that perhaps you were looking at it only through a hetero lens."

Though he did admit that, thanks to the subtlety of their finale, this falls short of a "slam-dunk for queer representation." Will we finally get to see Korra and Asami kiss in the comics? It's certainly possible! Adventure Time have also used their comic universe to be more explicit about the relationship between their two female leads: Marceline and Bubblegum eventually rule as co-queens, and it was confirmed that future comics would explore their past romantic relationship.

Comics provide showrunners the opportunity to explore topics that are just a little bit too risque for kid-orientated networks (though Nickelodeon came out in favour of Korrasami). Could The Legend of Korra follow suit and show us Korra and Asami as indisputable girlfriends?

Oh, and we cannot WAIT for Mako's reaction...

The adventure continues

News of Korra and Asami's budding relationship is not the only thing we know about the comic. Let's break it down.

  • Three volumes: the creators have been hard at work, planning a story arc that will last three volumes and span several years.

  • No time jump: unlike Book 4, which leapt ahead three years, the comic will begin right after the series ended. Whether this means we'll get to see Korra and Asami's Spirit World vacation, or whether the story will start on their return, remains to be seen.

  • Consequences: the writers are no stranger to dealing with the consequences of their plotlines. The Avatar: The Last Airbender comics do not shy away from exploring a post-war world, and the Legend of Korra comic will be no different.

With a plot that left the world shaken, The Legend of Korra comics have a lot of story potential. And until we find out just what happened next, at least there's more Avatar: The Last Airbender comics! Smoke and Shadow: Part One, will be released on September 23rd this year. Stay tuned!


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