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For a long time, FIFA has been a topic of concern and contention. The recent scandals have brought the discussion of football into the lives of people who'd never engaged with the sport in their lives - and that's really important. We've already discussed how resentful we feel towards FIFA 16, with PES 2016 becoming the next football sim purchase for our office. But what do fans of the franchise think of this?

To be honest, I haven't seen the FIFA scandals discussed in the community, unless we see some mock cover images for FIFA 16 with Blatter in cuffs. But what we have heard of are the discussions of the inclusion of Women's football into FIFA 16. This has been a surprisingly contentious issue with some players and I'm really confused as to why.


FIFA 16 - What Has FIFA Fans So Annoyed?

Fans often complain about the FIFA franchise and they are totally right to do so. EA knows how much money they stand to make with FIFA, so every year they introduce small changes to the game. If they were to fix every problem that players have with the football sim, why would we need to buy it again next year? There are so many ploys in place to keep dedicated football fans returning year after year and fans are desperate to see the countless frustrations they encounter removed.

Therefore, when Women's Football was announced for FIFA 16, a lot of gamers voiced their frustrations. We seriously hope they are not just straight out misogynistic remarks. But that wouldn't really surprise us at this stage would it? Basically we were seeing statements like, "Whats the logic behind putting women teams in FIFA? It won't fix the game and more shit players will be there. Great logic EA." and "Why would they put women in FIFA when 95% of players are boys??? Makes no sense." Hmm.


Players who find themselves infuriated by the lack of changes that FIFA 16 and other instalments haven't introduced have grounds to be annoyed - EA does screw us over in certain ways. But there's a football game called UEFA Dream Soccer on the Sega Dreamcast which was released in 2000 that had male and female footballers. You could also pitch them against one another, which you can't do in FIFA 16. Where has this feature been in FIFA or PES, why has it taken this long to implement it and why has it been put in, in a backwards manner?

FIFA should have acknowledged women's contribution to the sport years ago and seeing gamers complain about it when it has arrived so late is really disheartening. Especially when they didn't take the same amount of effort to complain about the corporation on the box which has actually been involved in deaths and corruption! Obviously I'm not talking about everyone, but seeing comments attacking this feature in FIFA 16 is infuriating - as is EA's reluctance to fix up their game.


"It's not sexism to know that women's football is crap, it's fact." - This sort of shit is unacceptable. And clearly this guy didn't watch the World Cup. Aim your misogynistic bile towards the people that deserve it, rather than the women who've been ignored for years and still are by these corporations.

Should FIFA 16 Feature Women Footballers On its Cover?

This is another debate going on at the moment. Why is it being debated? YES! Just put Messi on the cover with the Golden Ball winner from the Women's World Cup, Carli Lloyd! Okay rant time needs to stop, along with the rampant misogyny in gaming and sport. Not everyone shares these views of course, but it sucks to see anger being thrown at female athletes for simply being accepted by a corporation 20 years late. Please let us know what you think in the comments below gamers!


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