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Not that I'm not going to like the DCCU movies that are coming on, it's just that they aren't as structured as The MCU. Here is how each phase should go.

Phase 1

Batman- identical to Batman Begins

Superman- identical to 1st Superman film with Christopher Reeve (but with a darker Lex Luthor)

Batman: Dark Knight- similar to The Dark Knight, but instead of ending with Batman running from cops, there is a Superman fly-by

Wonder Woman- origin, fighting Cheetah, featuring Aquaman (like Hawkeye's appearance in Thor)

Flash- origin, fighting Weather Wizard, run past Gotham

Justice League- featuring the Trinity, Flash, and Aquaman; fighting Gorilla Grodd

Phase 2

Superman: Man of Steel- identical to Christopher Reeve sequel

Wonder Woman 2- fighting Ares

Green Lantern Corps- all human GLs, fighting Sinestro

Batman: Suicide Squad- Batman returns to Gotham ruins

Justice League: Invasion- includes GL Hal Jordan, introduces Martian Manhunter, fighting Brainiac who destroys Mars

Hawkman- Includes Hawkgirl and Adam Strange, Rann-Thanagar Holy War

Phase 3

Superman: Gods Will Fall- identical to BvS:DoJ

Wonder Woman 3- fighting Hades to protect Themiscera

Green Lantern Corps: Rise of the Manhunters- includes other lantern colors

Blue Beetle- Ted Kord meets Jaimes Reyes, includes Atom cameo, fighting Chronos

Cyborg- Origin, fighting Dr. Orr

Shazam- origin, fighting Black Adam

Justice League: United (2 parts)- includes entire GLC, both Blue Beetles, the Atom, and Cyborg; fighting Darkseid


Would you like to see this DCCU?


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