ByDavid Harris, writer at
David Harris
...ady got that, TWICE. It's the same reason people complained about the Spider-man reboots; "We don't need to see the origin story again!!!" Superman isn't defined by Lex Luthor. He has an entire rogues gallery and, although Lex is the most iconic and frequently featured villain, he doesn't pose as major a threat. Same reason Joker wasn't the first villain in the Chris Nolan universe. Superman never kills!!! That argument is old hat. Ignoring the fact that in the Silver/Gold era he killed three kryptonians in a pocket universe after they killed everyone there and he feared they would bring their wrath to earth; Superman was put in a kill or not struggle. This isn't a comic book where everything will be okay next week. This was a 100% power struggle; one superbeing still trying to understand his purpose vs one superbeing who knew his purpose, to kill and destroy everything Superman loves. Would you rather Zod have killed those people? Would you rather the cliche of Superman beating Zod at the last minute for the ultimate happy ending? Or would you rather Superman do what it takes, at the cost of his own morality, to keep humans safe; even though it cost him serious emotional damage? Thats good writing and story telling. The idea of Man of Steel is a complete origin rediscovery. Figuring out who he is, what he can do, and what that means for earth in a new way for the fans. His trials and tribulations before donning the disguise of Clark Kent. Also the Lois knew Superman thing......"Hey new reporter who could looks like he could kill me with one punch, super chiseled jawline, and very familiar slicked back hair. If it wasn't for those glasses I would say you look awfully familiar." Would you honestly be fooled by simple black frame glasses?

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