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Minions make millions at the box-office. They are cute, adorable and-- exclusively male.

Why is that? And no, they are not gay.

Kevin, Bob and Stuart in Minions
Kevin, Bob and Stuart in Minions

The Minion source, voice and director Pierre Coffin says there is an obvious reason for Minions being an exclusively all male club, speaking to Beatrice Verhoeven of the entertainment site The Wrap.

Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.
Minions must have BANANAS!
Minions must have BANANAS!

Coffin, who is French, and a little bit chauvinistic, is also a visual comedian. [The Minions](tag:490525) movie plays like a silent film at times. The gags don't depend on puns for their effect, even though Minionese has its moments of verbal slapstick.

Visual comedy depends on slapstick, chaos and incongruence. That demands a certain kind of lumpishness, simplicity, naivety-- and yes, all out stupidity.

Minions take over
Minions take over

Females, at least in Coffin's view of them, are too smart to ever get into the comic predicaments that these male Minions get into.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob are essentially the Three Stooges. Coffin emphasizes the connection by having the Minion trio clothed in the working denim the Stooges often wore in their shorts and features.

The Three Minionstooges
The Three Minionstooges

On occasion the Minions have worn female clothing. In Despicable Me 2 one Minion vacuums in a French maid's outfit. In Minions, another uses a pair of starfish to cover his nipples when coming out of the sea.

Coffin has said that Minions cannot reproduce or divide themselves. So how do they duplicate?

There seems to be two competing fan theories on Minion reproduction.

One is that ordinary humans are turned into Minions by a Minionizer. The machine is shown in action on the Minions ride at Universal Studios theme park.


Another is that they are essentially cloned from a single strand of DNA.


Coffin is mum on the subject of the Minions’ origins, though he did have an explanation for how the new film’s lead trio got their names.

“Kevin comes from an ancient Greek word (‘Kevinos’) which means leader,” he said. “Stuart comes from the Latin word ‘Stuartalumni’ which means (loosely translated) ‘the one who slacks.’ As for Bob, it means short. For Robert.”

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