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We all know that Rockstar come under constant fire for their portrayal of crime, torture, killing and sexist misogyny. In fact, they're even making a film called Grand Theft Auto about just that! We've seen instalments of the Grand Theft Auto franchise banned, pulled and even refused from sales in certain stores. But one aspect of the franchise that everyone discusses is its portrayal of women.

We need only look at the disc of GTA V or its cover to realise the validity for the sexist comments Rockstar often receives - even to this day. So naturally a lot of people are wondering when they'll be including a female protagonist in one of their games. Because it's not only GTA that doesn't have female leads - it's all of Rockstar's franchises. So naturally we're wondering whether GTA 6 will finally change that on its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC.


GTA 6 - Will it Star Rockstar's First Female Protagonist On its Release Date?

Dan Houser had the discussion about the lack of a female protagonist a lot with regards to GTA V. A lot of people felt that the inclusion of three characters gave Rockstar enough room to find a fantastic female character for the trio. They defended the choice to keep them all male, though when you look at women in the game and how they're treated, it doesn't exactly defend their case.

But I personally don't believe that Rockstar is just a sexist developer with no intent on making great female characters. I still think Red Dead Redemption is their greatest game and Bonnie MacFarlane is one of the best and strongest characters in the franchise. But perhaps Red Dead Redemption 2 will see a similar character star as its protagonist. Or perhaps this three character formula is here to stay. In any case the GTA series does have a particular problem with believable female characters that we'd all like to see changed for its release date.

GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City

We all know how women have been represented in the GTA franchise - we've seen the cover girls year after year and we've seen the first-person sex scenes in GTA 5. I've always found it amazing that there aren't any female cops in the games either, even though they have one in one of the promotional images for GTA V - what's up with that?

In any case, we're wondering how GTA 6 is going to adapt the formula. Will we get to destroy the new city Rockstar set their game in as a woman? Will we be playing as three characters again with a female protagonist thrown into the mix? It's hard to say, but we hope the franchise can transform its image in future instalments along with the rest of Rockstar's franchises.


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