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Lohith Nyalapogula

Due to the trailer being leaked and Warner Bros. unable to to take it down within 48 hours, they reluctantly released the trailer officially! There are many things to talk about in this trailer, so let's get started.

1.) Belle Reve

Amanda Waller says at the start of the trailer that she was keeping the Suicide Squad "in a hole and threw away the hole". She was talking about the famous prison named 'Belle Reve' that is used to contain even the worst metahuman criminals in the DC universe. Here is the first official picture of the Suicide Squad:

As you can see, there is a "welcome to Belle Reve" sign, showing that Belle Reve has at least some part to play in the movie.

2.) Harleen Quinzel

In the picture above you can see what appears to be Harleen Quinzel (NOT Harley Quinn...yet) struggling against someone in what seems to be a possible of three things: a riot, a breakout or a break-in (to free the Joker) at probably Arkham Asylum. My guess is that those people who are attacking Harleen Quinzel kidnap her and take her to the Joker. My justification lies just below:

Meet terrorist panda. He plays a crucial role in my theory.

The terrorist panda was at the kidnapping of Harleen Quinzel.

He was also at the Joker's hideout. What was the Joker doing in his hideout?

Torturing Harleen Quinzel, so then she goes insane and becomes Harley Quinn. That's my theory anyway. I also think that the person that the Joker was talking to at the end of the trailer, was Harleen Quinzel.

3.) The Joker

Many people believe that the Jared Leto's performance will make or break this movie. So far we have insufficient data, but I like to have a little faith. The only criticism that Suicide Squad's Joker received was about his tattoos. People tried to stay in denial and say that Harley Quinn etches on the tattoos, but from the last picture in the last section, we can see that the Joker already had tattoos on when he met Harleen Quinzel. So there's that, but what else did we learn about the Joker from the trailer? Well for starters, there's this:

It seems the Joker has a lot of connections. This could be him escaping from Arkham Asylum. We really can't take anything from this except that maybe the Joker isn't as sick and demented and psychopathic as he is depicted in the comic books, but someone who is cunning and manipulative. At least on the outside. Think about it, the only real companion that the Joker has in the comic books is Harley Quinn and that's because she is crazy enough to love him. Everyone else, no matter how cruel or evil, still has enough common sense to stay away from the Joker. So except the Joker to seem kind of like Lex Luthor on the outside, but inside his true nature is trying to escape.

Also remember the terrorist panda and all the other terrorists playing dress up? Well, apparently they are all henchmen of the Joker. You can see that the Joker is part of them in the picture below (notice how in both the pictures the person is wearing a gold chain):

4.) Scott Eastwood

The question on everyone's mind, who is Scott Eastwood playing? The two strongest speculations are: Deathstroke and Steve Trevor. From the picture above alone, people may decide he is more likely to play Steve Trevor. But then there's this picture:

He is with the Suicide Squad, so whoever he is, he has a significant role in the movie. There have been reports that apparently his name tag reads S. Wilson, but there are no pictures to prove this.

Everything else in the trailer is just action to draw the audience in. I hope you enjoyed this article and post anything I've missed in the comments below!



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