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"Daisy Daisy, give me your answer do."
There's usually a motive behind being evil, and while revenge is certainly a motive, it's a very cliche'd one. Hitler, as an example, someone who's universally despised and thought of as evil, wasn't just being evil to be a supervillain totake over the world. Using his own twisted ideals, he genuinely believed he was making the world a better place, which is what makes him even more despicable and frightening. Pinhead is more inherently evil, yes, and being a supernatural entity like Freddy is, this evilness makes sense in the context of the fantastical story. However, I'd like to argue that The Thing and The Alien aren't 'Evil'. They're both biological lifeforms who must kill in order to survive, it's animalistic for them, which I don't see as evil. Evil in the sense that they're brutally threatening and cruel, but that's just in their nature, they have to be in order to live. It's like insects. Especially the Alien, as it must use a host in order to undergo its metamorphosis. The fact that the Alien looks so human-like makes it so frightening in the fact that it looks like it COULD be reasoned with, but it can't because it's instinctually incapable. Leatherface's reasoning for killing isn't really out of a cliche'd evil revenge as are Jason's and Freddy's, nor is he mental patient like Michael. He's frankly a mentally retarded guy being taken advantage of by his own family who doesn't know right from wrong for all we know or what he's doing is evil and that's what makes him frightening. If he has a backstory for his childhood, that came out of later films and frankly ruins the mystery behind his character found in the first film. I never stated that the Hellraiser films were that good, did I? I argued from a design standpoint that the Cenobites are very effectively frightening, but also effective in the fact that at least in the first film, they really aren't the main antagonists. They never really are. Them being in the background is what makes them always a looming threat. "Everybody knows that the top 5 would be..." That's again, a cliche. I'm not saying they aren't good characters, and yes, they're ICONIC and MEMORABLE, but I find these 5 to be more purely effective as monsters. Also, Brundlefly IS campy in concept, but the character development and heart in the movie is what makes it shed that connotation more than the standard fare.

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