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Like most of you, I am rather excited for Ant-Man. But let's face facts; I know I will go see anything if it has a Marvel or DC logo slapped on it. In preparation of Ant-Man's release, I wanted to write something about the genius of Paul Rudd.

Welcome to The Paul Rudd Appreciation Society!
Over the last three days, I have re-watched nearly all of his films as well as some TV shows. Some for the first time, some for the umpteenth time.
Please note: The Ruddathon was watched in no particular order.

I started The Ruddathon with Romeo + Juliet. Where it all began for me and The Paul Rudd Appreciation Society. In my mind, Juliet would still be alive and happy if she ended up with Paris. Even though 90's Leo was the best Leo. Fact.
Just look at that face. How could you not love Paris?

Look at that face!
Look at that face!

Then I moved onto Clueless which has been on the tellybox in the UK a lot recently. In my mind, this was the first film that cemented Rudd as the perfect 'real gentleman'. He is always the 'guy that gets the girl' in the end. He showed his witty humour and that killer smile but it wasn't until later on we saw the goofball who has made me laugh for years. Also, this film does not age.*


When Rudd joined the cast of Friends as Phoebe's love interest and future husband; I was overjoyed. Again...How could you not love that face? Who could forget when he stood up for her at his parent's house and became the family she had never had. For The Ruddathon, I watched their wedding episode. I was in tears especially when he called her "so wonderfully weird".
FYI: I am wedding-planner-Monica with a headset. Always.

Best piano playing of all time.
Best piano playing of all time.

Following on from Friends, I thought it would segway (or segue) nicely into watching The Object of My Affection proving that Rudd still be the romantic lead for a woman even when his character is gay. That won't stop him from being thee most perfect guy. He's the ultimate GBF.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. "You sound like you're from LANDAAAN.' That is all.

The Beatles scene in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is by far the greatest scene in the whole film of which I can quote in its entirety. *humblebrag alert*
He is the perfect John Lennon. His delivery of the line,"there is not limit to what we can...imagine" is spot on. If you have missed out on this comedy classic.
Don't fret! There is still time. Just make sure you pass it on to your friends afterwards.

"Will your songs still be shit when I'm 64"
"Will your songs still be shit when I'm 64"

I then moved on to Our Idiot Brother. At this point during The Ruddathon, I watched this film, I Love You, Man and Wanderlust back to back without a break and all for the first time. In hindsight, this may have been a bad idea. This was the one that I loved the most out of my new Rudd collection. He's so sweet and you think he is so helpless but it turns out that actually he is weird glue that holds your crazy family together. And the way he loves his dog, Willie Nelson, is just lovely.

I Love You, Man. This film had me in stitches; with some fantastic quote material. I would not object to watching this film again now. Probably because I had very little expectations going in and it pleasantly surprised me.

Slappin da bass man!
Slappin da bass man!

Wanderlust. Not gonna lie, for most of this film I was mesmerised by Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston and their ridiculous chemistry.

How Do You Know? By this point, I should have gone to bed. I still do not know what I watched here. The best storyline is the relationship between Rudd and Kathryn Hahn. By far. She is a wonderful actress. Some Rudd films are just off point. Others are pure gold. Not this one.

Dinner For Schmucks. Unfortunately, this film forgot to give Paul Rudd's character any discernible characteristics because it splurged on the crazy for everyone else. I know he is supposed to be the straight man in this comedy but come on! I can't even remember his character's name. He could've been the same guy from How Do You Know? you know? Paul Rudd deserved better than this.

Knocked Up/This Is 40. Luckily he's allowed to be playing the same character in these movies. The 'sequel' is an all round better film with a more complex storyline and jokes. Plus it is a joy to watch Rudd eat cupcakes. (Now I want a cupcake.)


I Could Never Be Your Woman. What on earth was this film?! The dialogue is so odd. Firstly, I think I was thrown by Michelle Pfeiffer talking to an imaginary Mother Nature who's constantly eating junk food and drinking coffee which is absurd. Also, they must have had some finance from the UK because a serious amount of British talent kept popping up which threw me completely. (David Mitchell, Graham Norton, Iddo Goldberg, Sarah Alexander and wait...was that Olivia Coleman?!?!)

Although, it's not everyday you see Paul Rudd in a cowboy hat dancing to Will Smith's Switch. Or throw a jelly bean into a woman's builder's bum and get away with it. It is worth watching for that.

I think I've gone slightly mad from too much Paul Rudd.

Perks of Being A Wallflower. a.k.a. Paul Rudd being the best English teacher of all time. Period.

They Came Together. This film just sums up everything I have come to know, love and expect from a Paul Rudd performance. A parody of the romantic comedy genre. I loved it when I saw it on the festival circuit and more and more each time.

Naughty Rudd.
Naughty Rudd.

Role Models. I'm just going to be honest with you guys...
I'm sorry to say I did not finish watching this film. I cannot bear to watch Seann William Scott in anything. Even the sacred presence of the Rudd could not sway me. Points for trying? Probably not.

Parks and Recreation.
Good ol' Bobby Newport. So sweet. So useless. So unassumingly charming. He was the character you just could not hate no matter how much you tried.

Anchorman/Anchorman 2. Brian Fantana everyone. What a character!
What a moustache! What a secret cupboard of cologne! What good nicknames for your meat and tackle!

'60% of the time. It work's every time.'
'60% of the time. It work's every time.'

Admission. What a Netflix find! I was very pleased when this appeared in their latest additions. Paul Rudd and Tina Fey need to do more films together. An uplifting and joyous film that made me grateful that I never have nor never will have to go through the university admissions process in the US.

Prince Avalanche. I struggled watching this film. Rudd gives a fantastically nuanced performance and I cannot fault him. Maybe I was not in the right frame after watching days of Rudd infused comedies? Then to suddenly be thrown this indie film which I would have probably loved if I had seen it at a film festival. Also, I have a lot of problems with Emile Hirsch's character and performance and I would have casted someone who could have played the complexity of his character better.

Prince Avalanche
Prince Avalanche

Wet Hot American Summer.
The last film I watched for The Ruddathon. How could I have not watched this genius of a film before? Shame on me. And there is going to be a prequel! Joy! Thank you Netflix! Andy is the embodiment of the cool teenage guy who doesn't give a F**K. That attitude and all that double denim was very attractive.

So. What did I learn? Some of his previous roles have been better than others. Mostly when they give him something to really work with. Some of his films that I had previously dismissed turned out to be real charmers once I'd given them a chance. He can pull off sharp witty dialogue, he is not afraid to be funny using his physicality but he is also an upstanding lovable gentleman who doesn't appear to be ageing. Finally, that I do not have a shadow of a doubt that Rudd will be awesome as Ant-Man.

Ant-Man is released on the 17th July.


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