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Films based on video games have the unique distinction of being almost universally considered awful. The problems in these movies are numerous, but one of the main issues that film producers and directors struggle with when adapting a video game for the big screen is that they don't have the time, in a two hour movie, to dive into the story of a game as deeply as a player does when playing said game. It makes sense: if you think that the story of a game with over twenty hours of play time can be told in a single film, you're mistaken. Enter the concept of a Cinematic Universe.

A cinematic universe allows directors and filmmakers to take their time, exploring characters individually and as part of a team. They can highlight and focus even the smallest plot details. And no video game deserves the treatment more, or has a more perfect story line and setup for a Cinematic Universe than Final Fantasy 6. FFVI plays like a movie. It branches off character by character, and lets you become familiar with each party member, before reuniting them. It has an epic musical score, a rich and emotional story, and compelling mythos and lore. In Phase One of the FF6CU, the films would do just that. In a film making fashion influenced from The Lord of the Rings, each film would tell the stories of various party members before reuniting them for the grand finale.

Final Fantasy VI - Born With the Gift of Magic

The first film in the FF6CU would focus on the beginning of Terra's journey with Locke, Sabin, Edgar, and the rest of the Returners. It would explore Terra's mysterious ability to use magic naturally, Locke's tragic past, and the strained family ties between Edgar and Sabin.

Terra would be the primary focus of this film. Her struggle with accepting herself for who she is, and learning to forget the past and act for herself would be the war she wages with herself. The first movie would also introduce the main villains, Gestahl and Kefka, and focus on each group member as they split into their various scenarios. Born With the Gift of Magic would culminate with Terra's sudden and shocking transformation from human to Esper.

Final Fantasy VI - A Dark World

A Dark World, the second film in the FF6CU, would revolve around the group searching for Terra after the flees in Esper form. This film would be the most important of the three, as it will detail the specifics of Kefka's plan of world domination, Terra's lineage as half human, half Esper, the powers of Magicite, as well as introduce us to more characters. A Dark World would end on a tragic note, as Kefka sees his plan fulfilled, and the world is nearly destroyed.

Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad

The final film in the FF6CU takes place in Kefka's post-apocalyptic world. It begins with Celes, stranded on an island, dealing with the death of Cid. She begins to seek out old friends, bent on bringing Kefka to justice. One by one, each of the characters from the first two movies are found, and they head up to take on Kefka.

The final battle against the main antagonist would be a glorious one, and the ending scenarios of the game would make for a truly satisfying and tear-jerking finale.

I would love to see Final Fantasy VI adapted into a trilogy or Cinematic Universe. It would make for gorgeous, emotional films, and would highlight one of the greatest games in video game history. What do you think? Would it work? Would you watch it? Let us know in the comments!


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