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The free-spirited princess from Tamaran finally has her own comic series! I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know too much about Kori’s backstory. I liked reading Red Hood and the Outlaws and following her story there, but reading a comic based all on her was a different experience—it was a fun, comedic look into the life of Princess Koriand’r.

The issue starts out with Kori talking with a woman (a sheriff) about her past and powers and how she wants to assimilate with the human race. We then follow the two ladies in Kori’s journey of Earthling assimilation. Her literal mindset makes metaphors and idioms a confusing concept, an entertaining time for the readers. She’s so pure-hearted and has a very Disney princess-esque personality, tearing up upon learning of someone’s grandma passing on.

The style was unique—every couple pages had a sort of chapter title, such as “From Tears to Beers” and “Hurricane Toy.” The art was great and fit the story perfectly. The bright, spunky colors pop out of the page with the matching humor and scenes between a Kori that knows what (and sometimes who) she wants.

If you want to follow the wild comedy of this non-inhibited, pure-hearted princess, pick up this issue and give Kori’s story a try.


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