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The Suicide Squad are a team of villians who are sent to missions that are deemed near impossible. Yes, they are a team of murderers, robbers and your basic scum of the earth. So why do we root for them?

We love the Anti-hero. We love the Anti-hero who goes to lengths to inflict their own justice. We love their "no fear" attitude towards danger. Plus, we root for them because we always love a dark character to eventually become good.

In the Suicide Squad, all the members have a tragic often brutal origin story. We look at them with a dose of sympathy. This is because we are led to believe that people are good. In the Squad all of the members were trained or eventually conditioned as bad. Villians like the Joker was always bad. Even when he was the Red Hood he was bad but ended up being the maniacal Joker. Vandal Savage the Immortal epitomises evil. He worked with infamous tyrants like Adolf Hitler and was Jack the Ripper! Savage is just evil. Members of the Squad are different. A lighter dose of criminal.

We love the dark characters indeed. So let's take a look at the Suicide Squad that we are currently familier with...

1. Deadshot


Deadshots real name is Floyd Lawton. He is a master marksman. He has two children, a boy and a girl. However, his son died after being murdered. He devotes his life to his daughter. Which is why he is part of the team

2. Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang.

George Harkness is a Australian petty criminal. In Australia Harkness worked for a toy company working as a entertainer. He specialised in boomerangs. However, he was ridiculed and laughed continuously by the audience. Harkness (ever scarred) turn to crime.

3. Harley - Quinn


Dr Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist working in Arkham Asylum. She was The Jokers shrink. After a while The Joker played on Quinzels emotions from her past. She eventually fell in love the Joker and resorted to crime. However, she parted with Joker and became a member of the Suicide Squad.

4. Enchantress


June Moone was a freelance artist who was invited to a dinner at a castle. Moone stumbles across a secret chamber where a magical presence named Dzamor gave her powers to fight a demon in the castle. She defeats the demon, however known as Enchantress she is misguided by her alter ego. Often fighting crime and being a villian.

5. King Shark

King Shark

Son of the Shark God. Nanaue is a cross of an animal/ humanoid being. King Shark is a vicious being who is constantly need to feed.

6. El Diabolo

El Diablo.

Chato Santana was an ex criminal who worked for the local drug baron. While collecting a debt from a local dealer he to the building killing the people inside. When he realised that they were innocent people, he was traumatised and gave himself up to the police. Amanda Waller implanted a obedience chip in Santana. He was then forced to be part of the Squad.


There are many members of the Suicide Squad from the past. These have been the most prominent members that readers are common with.

So why the popularity?

As I stated before the Suicide Squad are popular because of the different characters involved. They are very interesting to read upon. Unlike superheroes you always get their intentions. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman will always do the right thing. Members of the Suicide Squad will undoubtedly kill a few people to save many. Subconsciously they are characters who are written perfectly. When I read the Squad I actually really dislike Amanda Waller who is a first class b##!

Amanda Waller.

Her character is supposedly the "good" kind but life to her is expendable. She treats the Squad with such contempt that you feel the hatred that Deadshot etc feel towards Waller. You hoping that at the end of the mission the team give Waller her comeuppance.

The Suicide Squad in the animated film Assault on Arkham. At the end of the mission Deadshot killed Amanda Waller while being with his daughter.

Don't get me wrong. Members of the Suicide Squad have done some awful things. But there is a path to redemption. We all love characters that redeem themselves because it is something that we will probably never see. We absolutely sympathise with villains that fight absolute evil. It's actually more endearing than watching a common superhero who does it. I find myself loving a proper anti-hero because of their development. This is why I love it when Spawn turned into a anti-hero. I loved it when the Rogues rebelled against the Crime Syndicate. I loved it when Lex Luther formed his team to fight the Crime Syndicate also. The Rogues and Lex were fighting absolute barbaric villians in the Crime Syndicate. They were a team that defined true evil. Just as Spawn turned against the devil and chose his own path. We route for the lesser of two evils.

The Rogues. Petty criminals that go against the Flash. However, they fought against true evil in the Crime Syndicate.
Lex Luther and other DC villians fight the Crime Syndicate.

When reading Forever Evil (which I loved) I absolutely rooted for the DC villians we know. We follow their journey for decades. We cheer for them as much as the hero's. The same goes for the Suicide Squad members. It's the affiliation towards the opposite of good that we follow them also.

Note: Suicide Squad has had a large number of members. However, we still follow the team regardless.

It's a testament to the popularity of the Squad that WB have made a feature movie. I am happy that they did this because there is not a movie like it. Not even Marvels Punisher can compare to the Suicide Squad

The cast of the Suicide Squad movie.

My affection for the comic based Squad will be the same for the movie. Judging by the awesome trailer I can see no reason why people will feel differently to me. I honestly see a great franchise in the movies. WB have a great base within the comics to transfer to the movie.

The future of the Suicide Squad is vast. I am looking forward to seeing how the movie develops. Just like I am looking forward to seeing how the new team develops. Suicide Squad is a team that people affiliate to because they are different, they are a break from the norm.


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