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How exactly does one go from “Zero to Hero?” Does it include muscle mass, fame, fortune? According to Disney, it doesn’t. Rip Torn voices the ancient Greek God Zeus in the 1997 animation Hercules. He explains how to go from under the doorstep to the heavens abroad.

"For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.“1

Erik Erikson, a psychologist from Germany, once developed a series of psychosocial occurrences that supposedly happen to you and to me during the course of our lifetime. One stage is called “Generativity vs. Stagnation.”

Get ready for a lesson. Here we go!” Generative, or gentle-like people have big hearts and care for future generations. Gen, Gen, Gen! They are the heroes. Stagnant people are quite the opposite. They are less giving to the world and are usually less happy. They feel more like a zero rather than a hero.

How can you become a hero? Hercules gave his life in exchange for Meg’s freedom. What do you have to offer? Some scientists argue that you do not have a choice between being generative or stagnant, but other disagree and say that you can choose between the two. So, be a hero, not a zero, but wise when giving to others.

Earlier this year, four cancer charities were said to have taken donation money and use it for their own personal benefit. Rather than giving it to those victims of cancer, they spent it on themselves. They spent it on online websites, going on cruises, going out to eat at restaurants. So, I say to you, be loving, be caring, be giving, but be careful.

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