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...ion, I really need to wrap this up since this has been taking way too much of my time and attention. I won't reply anymore, though maybe someday we can revisit this after DC's had a good amount of movies out) "I just see mostly neutral comments with a few negative ones." But no one is in love with the title. It's not terrible, but it's overly long. Most fans are just accepting it for what it is. "that doesn't change the fact that somewhere later the trinity will team up to fight a common enemy and form part of the Justice League." This is still the story of Batman/Superman. Even if/when Wonder Woman joins them, the arc is about Batman/Superman. I understand WHY the subtitle is there, but you're not proving why it's necessary or how it does more good than bad. "Whether or not you buy it doesn't change the fact that these fanboys would have flipped even more if it was just Batman v Superman" Even if the movie was just "Batman/Superman," JL members could still appear. Iron Man 2 doesn't need the subtitle "Widow's Sting" just because Black Widow's in it. Captain America: Civil War doesn't need the word "Avengers" in it even though most of the Avengers are in it. In the end, the main story is Batman/Superman's and the DoJ part is extraneous. We don't need a subtitle saying they are in it even if they are. "Even then, you missed Zod's body, and Wonder Woman fighting someone." No, I did not miss those. Please don't assume. "That's a strong claim, that is far from accurate." Again, don't take me so literally. But yes, Jai Courtney is a bland/generic actor in every movie I've seen him in. It's actually not an uncommon opinion. "Yes, this WAS a battle of the Gods, of course there's going to be damage and destruction." I get the whole "myth" argument, but the problem is that it makes Superman even more aloof. It gives the impression that the humans below are an afterthought. "there's always been damage." Yes, but now we're in a cinematic universe. The sheer amount of damage is so much more apparent. "His demand was that he was there for the good of the people as a hero" One of my biggest problems with the film is that I left the movie not seeing Superman as a hero. We don't see any scenes of him reacting to all the destruction he caused. In fact, he is talking to his mother about being a hero! Obviously we are getting more of this with BvS, but the fact that MoS completely skirts over it is a big problem. "I didn't see you complaining about the destruction in Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers: Age of Ultron." The big difference is that the Avengers' fights don't seem to take precedence over the humans. During the whole Avengers fight with the Chitauri, we SEE a LOT of attention put to evacuating/protecting these humans. We actually get to see The Avengers' truly caring about these people. Realistic or not, The Avengers succeed saving pretty much everyone innocent. The whole MoS fight doesn't future humans at all, until the end of course. We see this as a "battle of the gods," and unfortunately through it, the humans below seem insignificant. The fight scene started dragging to a point where we saw destruction after destruction without Superman feeling any kind of guilt. Then after killing Zod, we don't see Superman feel any remorse about the loss of life. 5000 lives in itself is a little unrealistic though canon (129,000 loss in life and 250,000 missing was estimated), but it's doubtful Superman would not have recognized this. It messes up the ending of MoS and leaves the film feeling incomplete. "Because NONE of them addressed the damage" First, none of these movies had the sheer magnitude of destruction that MoS. The Avengers had estimated 160 billion in physical damage and MoS had 750 billion. Second, the physical damage is always secondary to the loss of life, and The Avengers always spend significant time protecting everybody they can. Loss of life is always minimal, realistic or not. Third, yes they do address the destruction. Third, the property damage IS addressed. Heck, in AoU, Tony Stark checks that a building is uninhabited, actually BUYS the building with his own money, and then smashes the Hulk into it. After the Hulk causes all that damage in Africa, he looks around the city, sees all the damage he's caused, and we see him traumatized and shaken by what he' done. They are simple examples of a heroes taking accountability for the damage. Plus, we've had a company titled "Damage Control" mentioned in the MCU. "What do those lives have anything to do with Superman?" Because Superman doesn't react to that loss of lives. If you're going to have a scene where Superman saves a family of three, why don't we see him mourning the thousands he left dead and the millions that were affected by the damage? Instead, he demands to be given more freedom as a hero. It almost connotes a sense of entitlement. "people still DIE in those movies" Do civilians die? I don't care if it's unrealistic that nobody dies, but if The Avengers actually successfully prevent casualties, then I don't expect a scene of regret or remorse. Since the movie portrays the loss of life as minimal, spends sufficient time seeing the Avengers herding these people away and physically protecting them from the threat, then good on The Avengers. "Why should people complain about death in a movie when its the VILLAINS' fault?" I'm not speaking for other people at this point; I'm speaking for myself. I understand that the damage is not completely his fault, but I'm very disappointed that the film didn't feature any acknowledgement of the collateral damage. If Superman valued life so much, shouldn't we see some remorse over all the casualties the fight brought? Why is he making demands to be a hero so quickly after the scene. I don't care if he addressed these off-screen, but ON-SCREEN, the fact is that we don't see any ramifications to all that damage. My main problem is with the editing of the film. It really does glorify this damage going on around the battle. "It's fanmade, and shows there are many fans who loved this movie." It shows that enough people made this complaints that someone felt they needed to make a video to address these. No problems = No complaints = No need for YouTube channel. I hope you understand my perspective; the film didn't feel complete for me for those reasons. Morally, the Batman/Superman doesn't seem even at all. For me, Batman is the true "hero" coming into this fight and I kind of want him to give Superman a good beating. Well, I hope we both enjoy the onslaught of superhero movies, and keep loving Man of Steel! :)

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