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Kerry Cepero

Now that we’ve opened our new gifts in the form of the leaked trailers this past weekend coming from SDCC 2015, we can start talking about what we can look forward to for the 2016 summer movie season. With that said, I want to focus on one major character who I believe will burden how good [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and Suicide Squad will be - or how bad they will fall. Yes, I’m talking about BATMAN.

It feels good to know when the nation of Geekdom speculates something correctly, and it did so when we all figured out that YES we will be getting a version of the Dark Knight after the events of DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Although we’re still all assuming strongly that the Robin costume displayed in honor within the BATCAVE was that of Jason Todd, there are some who believe that suit may have belonged instead to Dick Grayson. In my opinion, I don’t think its Dicks since it would kill NIGHTWING’s inclusion into the DC Cinematic World. This should be AND better be Jason Todd’s suit.

IF you look carefully at the suit, you will see evidence of a brutal death. Top right corner above the Robin insignia there is a puncture wound that to me-looks like someone stuck a really sharp blade in there. It can be the entry/exit point of a bullet you know. The opposite side (left top) shows shrapnel entries that are consistent with the explosion that took his life in the original storyline. Of course we need to point out the obvious; the bright red/yellow colors are missing. Now this could have been the combining effects of the heat and smoke so I wouldn’t read too much into it. The staff is broken in the center, and well there’s the writing giving clear evidence on who was responsible for the Boy Wonder’s demise. As someone who was present on the line to buy the original series, I gotta say that when I look at these images, it brings this dread as to how much Robin must have suffered at the hands of Jared Leto’s Joker in his final moments. Yea, yea, yea we all know he comes back as the Red Hood-but still. That was a young boy being tortured and beaten severely before the end finally came.

The drama that seems to fill Ben Affleck’s BATMAN doesn’t just end there. Of course there is the truth now that Wayne Financial may have been the setting for General Zod’s demise at the end of Man of Steel by the way the heat vision blast signatures emanated out of the building in the BVS trailer. The pain that came with losing “loved ones” in the tragedy seems to be the fuel to spark Bruce Wayne’s motive to go after Superman.

There is so much emotional content to Bruce Wayne’s storyline here that NOW everyone should be able to see why Ben Affleck makes the perfect choice to play Batman in this stage of his life. Now, let’s talk about how this affects Suicide Squad. We can only assume that we will only get a glimpse of the hate between Jared Leto’s JOKER and Batman, this will all take a back seat to the telling of Harley Quinn’s story. It is FACT that BATMAN will be in Suicide Squad and I’m pretty sure we’ll see some of that genuine disdain against the devil himself-The Joker.

As much as I would have loved to see Bale/Ledger here, I can’t complain about what I’m seeing in Jared Leto’s JOKER. First, and finally lets get something straight. THE TATS on his body is a MUST! Anyone who says otherwise isn’t seeing the whole picture. Go to the jail, ANY jail and take a count on how many criminals are tatted all over their body. It is a staple in the life of a madman like the Joker in this modern age. The fronts on his teeth, the ink on his body (hahahahahaha)-it all tells the type of serial thug we have. I say the following with the utmost respect to EVERYONE who played this maniacal character over the years, but Jared Leto’s JOKER is the one that will set a new standard for years to come.

The Clown Prince of TERROR-because he’s gone past “crime”, will really shock the hell out of us in 2016. Although we’ll only get a whiff of his evil in BVS when Bruce remembers his “little chum”, when the main course comes after in Suicide Squad- it will be crazy. Doubt me? Look at the images from the Suicide Squad trailer, and how it hints at the shock torture coming for Dr. Quinzell as she makes her hellish decent into the madness we know her as-Harley Quinn. Recognize the tats again in the image.

This is the link of evil between both movies, and this is why BATMAN’s storyline will be so important to the success of BVS/Suicide Squad in 2016. The way this version of Batman A.B (After Bale) handles his past, his present, and the threats of the future will mean everything to the plans DC has for this iconic character going forward. Why? When you lose your best buddy brutally to a madman, have one of your towers brought to the ground, and come face to face with what many would call “Gods on Earth” (Supes, WW, Aquaman, Flash, GL) as well as deal with your own demons? I believe that’s what LEGENDS are made of. Ben Affleck has his hands full and if it all works out well-He may be the defining Batman for years to come.


Will the BAT make or break these movies?


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