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Another year, and another Comic Con International passes with a rally of shaking fest and internet leaks. Comic Con has been the same over crowded festival of cross-playing adults and confused children, who are captivated by the possibility of there being two, no three, NO FIFTEEN! Daenerys Targaryen's (not that children know who the hell that is). Comic Con's core is this: COMIC BOOKS (whisper: as long as they have a movie coming out shortly, and don't get in the way of our five-hundred more important Hollywood mega stars we have coming... then it's all COMIC BOOKS! Oh! and Pops!).

I'm going on a whelm when I say that in 1996 when this Convention was invited and debuted in the over sized (at the time) San Diego Convention Center that this was not the plan. The type of kids who follow and love comic books at it's core are not this same type of kids who enjoy extreme interaction and long lines. Unfortunately nothing I have posted thus-far is the issue with Comic Con International however. Over the last five years your chances of getting into the Convention have become as useless as entering the elusive "Hall H" IF you do obtain a ticket. Hotel rates are another issue, a simple search of Hotels on will reveal an amazingly disgusting average price of 500 dollars a night in San Diego.

In short Comic Con has become it's own boarder state. You need a pass to get in, you need to pay to get close, and you have to wait to get what you want once you get there. What's the issue then, It's been stated that San Diego it self IS the problem. Wonder-Con (Pre-Comic Con, Comic Con) is in Anaheim, CA, and their visibly larger convention center allows their fans the freedom to walk with out the feeling that Rancid is playing a sold out show with in feet on you no matter where you are. Being the home town of Disney Land means that there's parking everywhere, and hotel rates (In a shocking plot twist alla-The Usual Suspects) did not explode when the convention came into the cities limits. However I am not on the message board screaming for a change of location. San Diego is an issue I will not even start to deny that however it isn't the MAJOR issue.

Comic Con has lost priority and has become star stuck. There are too many sub-con's in the con itself. It's Comic-Con, It's E3, It's Disney 23. The convention who has no identity and has allowed greed to cloud the over all heart of the con. A past story on Comic-Con called it's a "Flood of sub-genres". I call it a drowning of plot. Everything that one genre tries to accomplish is destroyed by the others. There are twenty different outside activities that don't have much to do with the convention. "Would you like to listen to the history of Scientology" comes to mind. However it's been a great place to take pictures.

No one is denying Comic Con as the rightful king of Entertainment conventions. This reporter just hopes that it shows the will to contain the Entertainment value before entertainment is no longer possible.


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