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Writer, Script Supervisor, 1st/2nd AD, on Twitter as @euphoriafish.
Teresa D Lee
... entertains us? The Batman Forever marketing blitz happened not because Batman Forever was the best Batman movie but because there were lots of colorful still images and big names to splash everywhere. Also, because it had worked before to promote Batman Forever which was less colorful, very minimalist but had a superior story. As to Terminator Genisys, I loved it because the story is stronger. The past two films sucked because they were about Judgement Day and the machine war, and that’s not really the heart of the Terminator story. The war is just a war; the core of Terminator is the effort to prevent a war and a celebration of random human behavior and the fragility of human life. To have a proper comparison between machines and humans you need Sarah Connor, and her prominence in the new film is why I love it:,manual I think the changes to John Connor were necessary also to get to new stories and what the writers have now is a huge sandbox to mod Terminator infinitely into whatever we haven’t seen yet.


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