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Different ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes ghost Rider
Robbie Reyes ghost Rider

with rumors spreading around that marvel is planning to make a ghost rider Netflix series the one question that comes to my mind is: should it be johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes. Now i'm not trying to be biased about having Robbie Reyes as ghost rider just because i am Mexican but the potential to capture a well done story that takes place somewhere that isn't in New York. To be honest i am tired of having the majority of superheroes living or fighting in New York, i mean if you look at the big picture shouldn't New York be a war zone right now. Anyway from the comics Robbie Reyes seems to have a great heart and lots of love towards his little brother which could be a major theme in the story.

Can Marvel handle the challenge?

Now i know no one can doubt marvel at this point because of all their successes with their movies and TV shows but if they want ghost rider to be great they need to change the protagonist, we have already seen the Nickolas cage version of ghost rider and i really was not impressed by it so if marvel can make a style change they can have a formula for success and if possible the show can feature some cameos from past ghost riders and even have him face off with some of the other villains like black heart. that all for me guys let me know what you think and i thank you for your support


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