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Today I start my re-familiarization of all things superhero related. For so long I lied about my superhero knowledge. I would say just enough to get by then quickly change the subject. It's not that I don't like superheroes, I do like them I really do, I just check out halfway through. I get lost in all the sciencey and fantasy talk. I’m an empathetic and pragmatic person. First I always pay attention to the characters feelings and body language, then I hone in on the story-line and if it can actually happen. If it can’t I can usually suspend my disbelief and enjoy the story. That is until lots of sciencey words pop up or names I can’t pronounce from planets that may or may not exist. My brain just shuts off. Body language I read and understand better than fantasy and all that sciencey stuff.

First up on my list is Superman the Movie (1978)

I honest to god don’t know why Superman is here on earth. Did his spaceship crash? I think his parents sent his baby spaceship here to save their planet? Am I close? I have no clue and I’ve seen the movie! I remember seeing the movie with my parents; I remember being mesmerized by Christopher Reeve and thinking how cool he was. Just now when watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but smile remembering seeing Superman for the first time. It made me want to work in a big building like Clark Kent and do business stuff and he seemed like the perfect gentleman. Something my dad always told us girls we should find.

But what I really remember is Lois Lane and Superman on the balcony. Remember how I said I notice feelings and body language first, here is perfect example. I vividly remember the butterflies in my tummy when I saw them together on screen. I loved how Superman/Clark Kent treated Lois, I told myself that’s how I want my first boyfriend to be, how I wanted my first kiss to be.

Smiles, I can't stop smiling at that scene.

At 8 pm tonight, I will settle into my bed and watch Superman the Movie for the first time in years. No distractions, phone off, and only a notepad and pen to jot down questions or things I notice. I have one prediction, I will cry. Things from my childhood always make me cry. Wish me luck!


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