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Today I watched both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace (which will be the post on top of this one) back to back as I fancied watching a bond film and these 2 follow on so I had to watch both. Casino Royale is the reboot of the James Bond franchise and centers on James Bond an MI6 agent who was just promoted to 00 status and his hunt for Le Chiffre, a weapons dealer who is being pressured to get lots of money, which ends up leading to a high stakes game of poker. Casino Royale stars Judi Dench, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen and Daniel Craig as James Bond.

There are a lot of positives to this film, which include: great action, a good story, good story progression, the acting is very good and the film is intriguing. To expand, the action in this film is expertly done and very thrilling to watch which makes the film enjoyable; the story in this film is good and keeps you intrigued with the twists and turns that are in the plot. In terms of acting everyone pulls out a good performance and Daniel Craig is a very good Bond. On the side of negatives there isn't really anything apart from the lack of gadgets (which thankfully Skyfall started to implement) and the fact I wasn't attached to the characters.

Overall I really like Casino Royale as a good addition to the Bond franchise for the reasons I have mentioned, and taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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