ByIssa Nash, writer at
Issa Nash The last time we fought the good fight was in WWII and more recently in Afghanistan in response to 9/11. But instead of trying diplomacy in search of peace, the warmonger-in-chief, President Bush started a war in a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and for his and the warmongers efforts, we now have ISIS. But the current republitard, warmonger-in-chief is Netanyahu, who unquestionably leads the republitards, who also had a hand in the Iraq debacle, now wants a war with Iran. Not a war between Israel and Iran. Oh no no. A war between the U.S. and Iran and the republitards are more than happy to oblige. Your side is too busy trying to enforce idiotic decrees from prehistoric belief systems in the bible. The biggest load of shit that surprisingly lives in a modern scientific world, we have idiots in the Republitard party who feel they are "christians" and are more than happy to prove it by waging a war against anyone who is not a Christian. You're a living hypocrisy along with your "morals" and whatever other BS you irrationally use to justify it. Pfft, please. The reason America is no longer viewed as positively as it was is solely due to Republican policies and ignorance.

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