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Science Fiction. This genre has given us some of the greatest heroes of all time. But when there's a hero, there's also a deadly killer that shows no mercy. In this Battle Arena, i'm pitting 2 of the most deadliest Science Fiction killers against one another to see who is deadlier.


The Xenomorph from the "Alien" franchise, is an extraterrestrial monster that dwells within the shadows and has a taste for Space marines. Not many things in the galaxy can kill this creature except for a select few, but lets see what makes this thing so dangerous.


  • Growing Intelligence- The Xenomorph possesses similar intelligence to that of a primate, but it can learn relatively fast and can adjust to their situation and adapt to their surroundings until given the perfect opportunity to strike their opponent down.
  • Enhanced Durability- The Xenomorph possesses an Exoskeleton similar to that of a lobster. This gives it the durability to withstand many forms of attack, except for the most powerful types, like highly powerful shotguns, plasma blasts, etc. The Alien was even smashed through stone pillars by a fully grown Predator, and got up fine. But they do possess a vulnerability to intense heat, like Flame throwers for example.
  • Sharp Tail/Claws- The Xenomorph possesses claws on its hands that have the piercing power and sharpness to pierce almost anything. It also possess a prehensile tail with a sharpened tip than has the piercing power to stab a fully grown Predator's torso entirely, piercing through its armor as well.
  • Inner Jaw- The Xenomorph possesses an inner jaw within its normal jaw, which it uses as a kill move for its prey. The inner jaw punches out like a jack hammer and has the piercing power to break through anything from bones to Predator armor. The inner Jaw also acts like a Snake Tongue, allowing it to sense the area, giving the Alien the ability of "sight" despite it having no eyes.
  • Great Physical Strength- The Xenomorph possesses immense physical strength, allowing it to tackle fully grown Predator's to the ground with no issue. It even has the strength to lift a Predator in the air with nothing but its tail.
  • Quick and Agile- Aliens are incredibly fast and agile, allowing it escape any situation that might result in its doom. This combined with their ability to climb walls and ceilings, allows it to move around a battlefield and use ti to their advantage perfectly.
  • Acidic Blood- The Alien's blood is highly corrosive and acidic, to the point of melting through anything, including Predator armor and its bladed weaponry. So if you injure this creature, that doesn't come without a price.

So this here is what the Alien (Xenomorph) brings to the table, but this creature isn't the only deadly SciFi killer out there.

The Terminator

The T-800 is one of the many killer robotic machines created by the Computer Program known as Skynet. Specifically designed to look like a human by being covered in living tissue in order to infiltrate human bases without the risk of getting caught, The Terminator is a deadly time traveling assassin that is incredibly dangerous, but what makes him so?


  • Powered by Twin Hydrogen Fuel Cells- These fuel cells allow the Terminator to keep active and power the Terminator for over 100 years, but if damaged, the fuel cells will rupture and release an enormous explosion.
  • Adaptability- The Terminator is designed as a learning machine. It can learn just about anything, allowing it to adjust to any situation and learn and show human emotions.
  • Vast Knowledge- The Terminator has knowledge of everything Skynet knows, and Skynet has access to all of Earth's files and records throughout all of Earth's history, giving The Terminator the knowledge of almost every military strategy and weapon in Human history.
  • Skilled in every weapon known to man- As said above, The Terminator has access to every computer file and record, giving it knowledge of everything pretty much, and this gives it the knowledge to use any weapon it comes across to perfection.
  • Plasma Rifle- The Terminator keeps a standard Plasma Rifle from the future with it at all times, is one of Skynet's standard weapons which it gives to almost every Terminator it creates.
  • Hardballer Longslide Pistol- The Terminator's preferred handgun, The Terminator uses this for short range to mid range combat. Armed with a laser pointer, this pistol has deadly accuracy and preciseness, perfect for what the Terminator needs.
  • Spas 12 Shotgun- A deadly Shotgun, perfect for close range combat. Loaded with incredibly powerful 12 gauge rounds, this shotgun pack quite a punch.
  • M79 Grenade Launcher- A 6 round semi automatic Grenade Launcher, does exactly what you think it does. Makes things go boom.
  • Handheld Minigun- A 85 pound Minigun with over a hundred rounds, this rapid fire firearm overwhelms cars with bullets to the point of making them explode.
  • Expert Combatant- With all of the knowledge The Terminator possesses, and with all of the experience Terminator's have fighting against the resistance, The Terminator has learned many fighting styles when guns and firearms are useless.
  • Immense durability- The Terminator is incredibly durable. With its Endoskeleton being made of Coltan, which is just as hard as Titanium, but with added heat resistance, The Terminator has survived being dragged through skyscrapers, and getting shot by plasma blasts, but it isn't invincible, as it has been crushed by a Hydraulic press, crushing it entirely.
  • Incredible Strength- The Terminator has the strength to life hundreds of pounds with no problem. Capable of throwing grown men around like nothing. The Terminator is a powerhouse.

Alright, after examining these deadly monsters of science fiction, lets see who rules the genre once and for all.


(It's the year 2025, and a Weyland Corporation building is seen in the middle of an abandoned wasteland in the middle of the night. Multiple resistance soldiers are seen running inside.)

Soldier: Hurry, it's onto us!

(The soldiers run into the facility, aiming their plasma rifles around.)

Soldier: Alright, we need to hold this place down and wait for the T-800 to come, then we can ambush it.

Soldier 2: Right.

(The soldiers spread out. One of the soldiers walk down a hall, only for a facehugger to crawl by. The Soldier looks, slightly startled, but doesn't find the facehugger.)

Soldier: What the hell was that?

(The soldier aims his rifle down and slowly walks towards the source of the sound. He lifts an eyebrow and turns around, only for the facehugger to lunge and latch itself onto his face, knocking him onto the floor. Time goes by and the other soldiers meet up.)

Soldier: Hey, where's Ray?

Soldier 2: I don't know, he said to meet up here at this time, he better hurry before the T-800 gets here.

Soldier: Weird.

(The Terminator is seen approaching the Weyland facility. The Soldiers are seen still waiting for Ralph, the Soldier who as attacked by the facehugger. He is seen laying on the floor with his chest busted open. The soldiers then get up.)

Soldier: We're going to have to do this without him.

Soldier 2: Right.

(The soldier turns around, revealing the Terminator.)

Soldier: Shit!

(The Soldier aims his plasma rifle, only for the Terminator to grab it and throw it aside, then to kick him in the chest, senidng him flying across the room. The 3 other soldiers aim their plasma rifles, only for The Terminator to run and ram one soldier into a wall, then grab his Plasma Rifle and shoot the other soldier in the chest, killing him. The Terminator turns around and is about to kill the last soldier, only for a tail to pierce his chest and pull him into the shadows. The Terminator scans the shadows with his HUD, but detects nothing. The Xenomorph is seen slowly standing up behind The Terminator, and then pierces him in the back with its tail. The tail fails to penetrate his endoskeleton, but easily pierces his jacket and flesh. The Terminator spins around, smacking his plasma rifle into the Alien's head, knocking it onto the ground. The Alien screeches and swings its tail at The Terminator's legs, tripping him. This allows the Alien to jump on top of the Terminator, intending to pierce his skull with its inner jaw. The Terminator however, punches the Alien off him, then gets up and fires his plasma rifle at it, only for the Alien to run into the shadows. The Terminator fires randomly into the darkness, but is suddenly tackled from the side by the Alien, smashing the Terminator into a wall, shattering it. The Terminator kicks the Alien away, then gets up and scans the area, finding multiple weapon crates. The Terminator runs over to one crate and opens it. The Alien runs towards The Terminator on all fours, only for The Terminator to quickly aim his Hardballer pistol at the Alien, which lunges at The Terminator. The Alien is shot in the chest, but the bullet fails to penetrate the Alien's skin. The Alien tackles The Terminator onto the ground, while The Terminator fires an entire clip into the Alien's chest. The Alien's exoskeleton protects it from the gun's bullets, forcing The Terminator to pistol whip the Alien off him.)

Terminator: Fuck you, asshole.

(The Terminator throws his pistol with extreme force and precision, hitting the Alien directly in the head. The Alien screeches and rams into The Terminator, knocking him into a wall. The Aline then thrusts its tail into the Terminator's chest, piercing his shirt, jacket and skin, but fails to puncture his endoskeleton.)

Terminator: Nice try.

(The Terminator grabs the Alien's tail and swings it around, smashing it into another weapon crate. The Terminator quickly picks up a Spas 12 shotgun and fires it at the Alien, which crawls away onto the ceiling. The Terminator aims the shotgun around and waits for the Alien to show itself, but is dragged up into the ceiling by the Alien unexpectedly. The Alien is about to puncture the Terminator's skull with its inner jaw, but the Terminator shoots it in the chest with his Spas 12 shotgun. The Alien screeches in pain as acid bloods squirts all over The Terminator and his shotgun. The Alien drops the Terminator, whose clothes and skin slowly begins to corrode. With his shotgun destroyed due to the acid blood, The Terminator walks over to another weapons crate and pulls out a M79 Grenade Launcher. The Terminator aims it, only to find the Alien to be gone.)

Terminator: Pussy.

(The Alien trips the Terminator once again with its tail, causing him to fall over. He quickly rolls onto his back and fires a grenade, which misses the Alien, but hits the ceiling, causing tons of rubble and debris to fall and crush both The Terminator and the Alien. The rubble slowly begins to shake and both the Terminator and the Alien rise from the debris. The Aline claws the Terminator's face, tearing through his skin, revealing his metallic cheek bone. The Terminator then fires his grenade launcher once again, but the Alien leaps away, resulting in another explosion behind the Alien. The Terminator continues to fire the grenade launcher at the Alien until he runs out of ammunition, but fails to hit the incredibly quick Alien with a blast. The Alien then runs towards the Terminator as he runs out of ammo and lunges at him, only for The Terminator to swing the Grenade launcher into its chest like a baseball bat, knocking it to the ground, but destroying the weapon in the process due to the Alien's acid blood. The Alien rolls back onto its feet and lunges at The Terminator, tackling it into a wall. The Alien slams its tail into the Terminator's chest, and claws its face again. The Terminator smashes his fists together against the Alien's head, disorienting it immensely. The Terminator then kicks the Alien, sending it flying into a wall. The Terminator then gets up and grabs a Minigun out of another weapon crate.)

Terminator: Hasta La Vista... baby.

(The Terminator sprays bullets everywhere towards the Alien, hitting it with many bullets. The Alien screeches in pain as its acid blood sprays everywhere, hitting the Terminator multiple times, but he is unfazed. The Terminator's clothes slowly begins to burn away along with his skin. The Alien crawls away as it bleeds everywhere, while The Terminator tosses the mini gun aside due ot the acid blood hitting it.)

Terminator: Shit.

(The Terminator runs towards the Alien, who lunges at the Terminator, knocking him back, and finally burning all of the flesh and skin off of the Terminator, revealing his entire metallic body. The Terminator grabs the Alien, lifts it into the air, and smashes it onto the ground. The Alien retaliates by taking its acid blood covered tail, and slamming up beneath The Terminator's chin, and with the combined sharpness and durability of the tail combined with the acid blood, this allows the Alien to pierce through the Terminator. This damages the Terminator entirely, causing his visual systems to malfunction. The Aline then manages to land numerous strikes on the Terminator, who then opens his chest grabs one of his Hydrogen fuel cells, dibs it into acid blood, causing it to malfunction, and then throws it randomly, creating an enormous explosion that devastates the entire facility. The Terminator then emerges from the rubble, and turns around, only to get tackled by the Alien. The Alien screeches and punctures the Terminator's head with its Inner Jaw, destroying it.

Winner = Alien

Reason= Well, this is a surprising one. I immediately thought that the Terminator would win due to its incredible amount of weaponry. But see, Aliens have gone up against Space Marines, meaning they are no stranger to militaristic weapons and they know what to do when facing against an opponent like that. And while the Terminator possesses superior strength and durability, the Terminator can only take so much when it comes to the Alien's acidic blood. So the Terminator may have the edge in the beginning of the battle, but the more hits the Terminator gives and lands, will slowly give the Alien the advantage as the acid will burn through the inner systems of the Terminator. The Alien also has fought against physically superior opponents with incredible fighting skills and vast weaponry, the Predator. So if an Alien can get its ass handed to it by a Predator, and still come out on top, there's no question to if it could do the same with the Terminator. The alien takes the win.


The Tiny Avenger
The Tiny Avenger


The Diminutive Justice Leaguer
The Diminutive Justice Leaguer

Thank you guys for reading this early addition to the Battle Arena series. Tune in on Friday to see which size altering hero stands small.


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