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Idris Elba is one of those Hollywood actors that nobody really dislikes. He's a stud, and the fact that he break dances in this Star Trek and Omaze collaborative video promoting multiple charities and an awesome Star Trek experience should come as no surprise.

Picture in your mind this man break dancing... let me go ahead and alert you that whatever image you think you'll see when you watch the video below is probably wrong. It's 100x better than that. Also, the Star Trek: To Boldly Go “unique philanthropic initiative” is pretty cool to boot.

I'll let the Star Trek cast, led by Chris Pine, take it away here. They really did save the best for last with Idris:

Now... Idris not only "went for it" here, he didn't particularly stick the landing so to speak, but what he did do is show us once again that he's the man. I mean, he's a big guy, and getting down on the floor like that can't be easy for a man of his stature. But in the name of all things awesome (all things Idris?), he went boldly into the floor-spin.

Before going into even more detail regarding Elba's moves, let's get the charity plug-in first. Omaze is an awesome start-up that runs social campaigns to raise money for various charities. Here's what their CEO Ryan Cummins had to say about this Star Trek experience:

“Omaze is excited to bring this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to ‘Star Trek’ fans around the world. We are proud to give fans the chance to live out their dream experience while simultaneously helping nine great causes. By allowing anyone to enter for just $10, we are seeing the power our community has in making an impact around the world.”

Here are the connected charities. A truly great list:

This is really cool stuff. It's always great to see big-time movie franchises look at the bigger picture and the world as a whole. The goal of making the world a better place through the platform they're given is admirable.

Now, here's Idris Elba breakdancing in GIF form:

He really got after it in this one. I'm not sure how agile he is, but I do think he gave it his all. The rest of the cast is almost like, "Wait, he's really doing it." I love the point from Chris Pine at the very end, acknowledging his buddy getting it done.

Too awesome. I might have to donate the mere $10 it takes to get involved with this campaign. If you're going to put yourself out there like this, Idris, I'm going to take note. I've got my credit card information copied, ready to be pasted. Just tell me where to sign up.

Here's where... Go there now. The movie Star Trek Beyond hits theaters July 8, 2016. Less than a year away!



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