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Yesterday I read a comment on my article Top 5: My Favorite Guilty Pleasure Films asking me what were my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows. To answer, I decided to make a post about it.

5. Passions (1999-2007)

This was a soap opera that aired on NBC, I was introduced to it the summer after I graduated high school. I was addicted at first sight. I loved the show’s multi-racial cast and its supernatural aspect. The show also was known to break the fourth wall and made several pop culture references. It’s the only soap that I had ever watched and enjoyed.

4. The View

I used to watch this show everyday before I went class during my college years. My favorite part of the show was the Hot Topic segments. I also watched it for the interesting guests who would come on and be interviewed by the ladies. Nowadays I don’t watch the show as my interest has waned-frankly I think the show needs to be retired- but I’ll occasionally go on the website and check out the hot topics from time to time.

3. Hell’s Kitchen

I don’t watch a lot of reality shows but this one I’ve been a fan of since its inception here in the U.S. The chefs are under a lot of pressure and it’s fun to cheer for them. Of course you cringe anytime they get yelled at by Gordon Ramsay but that’s also part of what makes it entertaining. I’m somewhat behind on this show but that’s what the internet is for.

2. Kitchen Nightmares

Watching a restaurant that’s in trouble get the help that it needs to get back on its feet is why I watch this show. Like any path to accomplishing goals, there’s always road bumps. On this show it’s usually the owners or someone who works for them-but mostly it’s the owners. You also get to see a different side to Chef Ramsey as he makes it his mission to help these kitchens get back on their feet.

1. The Amazing Race

One of my favorite shows, I love how it mixes travel, competition, challenges and clue solving. I try to watch each season and add another destination to my map of places I want to visit in the future. Unlike other reality shows, the drama level is mostly low and the pace of each episode isn’t drawn out and moves along smoothly. Like any show you cheer for the teams that you like and boo for those who you don’t.

And that my friends is the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it. What are you top five guilty pleasure TV shows? Leave them in the comments and keep it civil down there (I was reading a few posts on here and some of the comments were less than pleasant). Also check out my top five guilty pleasure films. Until next time!


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