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Martin Bee

Remake Remake Remake! If it's not a remake it's another superhero movie! If you could find 100 different ways for a super hero to save the day, why not find one solid story and one solid ending.

Superhero! The idea of it being a movie someday would have been awesome, but now it's like damn another one! They are going to hold on to that money train while it's in full motion. Smart. Really look at the movies. superhero gets powers superhero falls for girl villian takes the girl hero saves the girl and then saves the world, or villian has come back for the third time kidnappes superheros girl threats to kill her while destroying earth or New York superhero saves girl then saves New York and then the world or whatever it's the same thing. lol. If your going to gives a superhero movie give us one with a plot twist or two! Please!! Pretty please

Here comes my thoughts on remakes stop! This is why I ask "is Hollywood running out of ideas?" They've rmade they are remaking they are trying to remake movies they barely came out in 2011. Let those movies be the where awesome at there time they took us through good times at there time. This is a different time give us something fresh give us a new memory give us a reason to spend $13.50 and $80 after we hit the refreshment bar. Most the time after we watch the remake or reboot or redue or what ever everyone always say the original was better so why try?

Hey Hollywood quit selling the same story over and over again shits getting old and everyone is confused with the many different story's of the same character if you need a new idea that is going to sell get a hold of me my email is [email protected] I have serious ideas of what us the viewers the movie-goers what to see in a horror movie or a fantasy you name it I got a bunch of ideas that will be better than the watching the same script over and over lol.. Bye don't mean to offend I love those movies but it's getting old.


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